1. Details Matter
2. Bloodline
3. 4D
4. Talking Heads
5. Freefall
6. Jinn
7. Eclipse
8. Rift
9. Paradigm
10. Vultures
11. Sleepless

Marcus Bridge – lead vocals
Jon Deiley – lead guitar, programming
Josh Smith – rhythm guitar
Nic Pettersen – drums, percussion
Brendon Padjasek – bass guitar, backing vocals
Alex Milovic – bass guitar (on track 10 only)

Discoveries (2011)
Singularity (2013)
Node (2015)

Mesmer (2017)


Recorded at Chris Blancato's Studio in Sydney, vocals recorded at Electric Sun Studios in Arndell Park
Produced by Northlane
Drew Fulk – co-production (track 10 only)
Jonathan Burgan – additional production (track 4 only)
Chris Blancato – engineering
Dave Petrovic – vocal engineering
Adam "Nolly" Getgood – mixing
Ermin Hamidovic – mastering
Darren Oorloff – artwork
Davy Evans – photography

Released 2019-08-02
Reviewed 2019-08-29


Alien, that is a really good movie and one has to wonder whether or not an album with the same name is any good. If you are to believe reviewers and people on the interweb (where the majority of them are not very wise) it is a brilliant album that is creative and everything. I didn’t think the previous album was, but that doesn’t mean this album can’t be – but it isn’t. It is probably as boring as, I actually can’t think of anything that is as boring as this album now that I try to come up with an amusing anecdote.

Musically it is metalcore or something to that effect, alternative metal or post-hardcore are other terms I have seen used for the music of Northlane. That is probably true about this album as well, I write probably because I could not focus and despite having heard the album plenty of times I cannot really remember anything of it. The vocals are pretty drab I think, I can’t really recall. There is nothing really exceptional about the album, it doesn’t press any buttons and as soon as it ends it is forgotten.

Boring! It takes centuries to play through the album and there is nothing about it that really grabs the attention of me as a listener. It is rather difficult to care and to write about this album, I don’t think Northlane makes anything that seems exceptional or even good. If it were any blander than it is it would have been an awful album, it is not that bad but it feels like a waste of time to listen to this album. But there are quite many that will disagree with this opinion so if you are one of those dull persons you might find this album quite agreeable.

If you like Northlane or the many bands that are similar to them you might find Alien to be a decent album – but I am not fully convinced. It is an album that I think is best collecting dust in a shelf somewhere in storage, or in the garbage. I think you will have to be a Xenomorph to enjoy an album like this one.




Label: UNFD
Three similar bands: Architects/Karnivool/Cloudkicker

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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