1. -
2. The Cowardice And Rashness Of Courage
3. Gallows Of Forever
4. Heretic
5. Divining By The Entrails Of Sheep
6. Jewel Of Iniquity
7. From The Darkness In Me, Illuminate
8. Life's Grief
9. -

Kyle Keener - Guitar
Corey Stringer - Drums/Vocals

Nest (2015)
Spiked and Abandoned (EP 2016)


Artwork: Jan Robbe
Recorded: Jason Groves @ Sneak Attack Studios
Mastered: Jason Groves

Released 2019-04-01
Reviewed 2019-04-29


So, a band called Nest will see their second album Metempsychosis released on vinyl, it was originally released about a year ago. The debut album was released in 2015 and the duo is now offering a pretty good-looking album. But is it a good sounding album? That is a good question and that is the one I am attempting to write an answer to in this review.

It is doom metal, or black metal, blackish doom metal or something like that. I think we could compare them to bands like Celtic Frost and perhaps a really bad cold depending on whether you like to compare them with bands or other things. The sound is fairly typical of the genre, dark and moody and not really exciting. Raspy vocals of course, and a sluggishly low tempo and the most noticeable thing I can deduce when listening to this album is that the first and the last songs are named -, other than that it isn’t much that stand out.

Sleepy and pretty boring is my view of this album; I don’t think that it is good in any way. Of course your views will probably differ from mine if you are a fan of the doomier metal genre and don’t really look for anything with a sense of novelty or fresh ideas. To me this album feels like something of a waste of time to listen through, and it is really difficult to listen through the album as it kind of hurts my ears with lame and dreary songs. Not much highlights, the cover is one but unfortunately a good cover doesn’t mean a good album.

Pointless album, boring and poor; perhaps an album for the doomsters but more sensible metal or music fans should not really bother with this one as there are much more interesting albums out there and you would regret wasting your time with this one.






Three similar bands: Primitive Man/Rorcal/Celtic Frost

Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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