1. Show
2. Schokolade mit Senf
3. La Cholera
4. Viva Los Vatos Locos
5. Super Chango
6. Legal Illegal
7. Enfermo
8. Hijo de Puta
9. Luda Ribica
10. Contaminacion
11. Enfermo ( Acoustic)
12. Kiss My Ass (Album Version)
13. El Arrogante (Album Version)

Milan Tajdic
Wolle van Hogh
Diego Kolumbus
Simon Koesling

G​.​E​.​N​.​O​.​M​.​A (EP 2014)



Released 2019-01-25
Reviewed 2019-05-23

fastball music

German Need2destroy’s debut album Show looks a lot like your commonplace metalcore-album and in many regards it is. It follows their debut EP from 2014 and offers thirteen tracks where the lyrics are in Spanish and the sensation is somewhat multicultural. An interesting premise as mixing things up has a much better chance of being interesting than just doing the same thing that everyone else is doing, so at least they are interesting in that regard.

Metalcore, hardcore, thrash, groove, there are a few labels that can be used to describe this, a sense of latino stuff and a sense of multi-culturalism. The vocals are growled and clean, almost a tenor like voice at times. The clean vocals are good while the growled are quite terrible, the production isn’t terrific either and the generic sound along with dull growls is letting this album down. Otherwise I think they avoid falling into most regular traps that bands of this variety could end up falling into. They have some fresh idea and keep the playing time sensible as well so they have some things going for them.

The problem is that good ideas and lyrics in Spanish isn’t really enough, you need some great songs as well and that is something they haven’t managed here. The songs are average at best and even with some fun and fresh ideas it isn’t enough to convince me of any greatness. Those who are into the metalcore genre or that sort of thing might find it to be an amusing album, but I am not so sure as there are way better stuff out there in this genre.

I think I need to destroy this one now as I feel done with it. It is an album you grow tired with quickly and while it is probably an okay album it is not really one that invites the listener too much. They have some good and fresh ideas but in the end they don’t write good enough songs, the growly vocals are very poor and the production is way too generic. They could have made a strong album, they have the ingredients but don’t really use them to achieve the best result. I think I will have to show this album a way away from the records I play.





Label: Fastball Music
Three similar bands: Suicidal Tendencies/Machine Head/Lamb of God
Rating: HH
HHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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