The Necrosexual
The Gory Hole Overture In F#

1. Necromutants March Through Hell
2. The Gory Hole Overture In F#
3. The Lair Where No Light Enters
4. In Ancient Daze (Black Widow)
5. Orgy On Your Burial

The Necrosexual - bass, guitar, vocals, arrangement
Anthony VIGO Gabriele - lead guitar
Michael Lee Churry - drums on tracks 1-4
Ryan Dred Rot - drums on "Orgy On Your Burial"

GRIM 1 (2018)


Tracks 1- 4 were recorded live in the studio at Panther Pro Audio, with minimal overdubs, to capture the band's chaotic cohesion in concert.
The closing track "Orgy On Your Burial" was recorded separately in the dank basement of Red Water Recording,
Artwork by Josh Perrin

Released 2019-05-17
Reviewed 2019-05-12


Lately I have seem to be picking out the poor albums to review and I figured it would be a safe bet to go with a band called The Necrosexual. Such a band has to be kind of inventive and not care about conventions, or so I figured. This is their second release, a five track EP that was mostly recorded live in the studio. It was also given a pretty colourful artwork, I wouldn’t say that it is good but it is colourful and such a thing is always nice. But what can I then write about the music that this necrosexual guy and his band has put together?

It is thrashy metal, quite raw and rough where the vocals are mostly gruff and grunty with some high-pitched screams mixed in here and there. Musically it is loud and simplistic, almost punkish, the sound feels rather dated and is probably down to recording live in the studio instead of recording and mixing things more carefully and taking a more calculated approach to it. It feels almost like it was made very quickly, perhaps a bit rushed. The five tracks show a decent variation although it is not really needed when it is this short, what could be needed is something more original as this EP doesn’t really surprise at any step of the way, it feels similar to much other stuff I have heard over the years and I wouldn’t say that it feels like listening to something new when listening to this album.

This is a fairly dull affair and I am happy to have it out of the way now, the tracks are quite dull and it is not a festive or entertaining album we are being offered here. And neither is it comically bad, just a dull affair with generic songs, outdated sound and boring thematics, a safe bet for something quite uninteresting. I think that a band daring to be publically necrosexual should dare to make braver music as well, this is just safe and generic – it may please the fans of theirs and fans of the similar music but it will never have much of an appeal to most music fans. I guess it is another one to throw away – it has been many of those lately, perhaps it would have been better to go for The Metrosexual.





Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Venom/Kreator/Darkthrone

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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