Nazca Space Fox

1. Windhund
2. Space Drift
3. Space Farm Blues
4. Hummingbird
5. Showdown
6. Grinder

Heiko Vollweiler – Drums
Mathias Gaul – Guitar
Stefan Bahlk– Bass

Nazca Space Fox (2017)


Mixed by Mathias Gaul
Mastered by Eroc
Photos: Lisa Brehe
Illustration_ Laura Cadei & Snjezana Maros
Artwork by

Released 2019-09-27
Reviewed 2019-12-01


tonzonen records

Apparently there are some foxes from Nazca that can live in space; there is of course also a fox among those geoglyphs that are called the Nazca Lines. This fox flies on a tree and it has me wonder what kind of biology is involved in a fox that can live in space without a space suit. That is not being explained, but the cover looks pretty cool even though I am not sure that the region of space it depicts really exist, at least not near here. Pi, the Indian expression for place or location is what this fox calls the location that is on the lovely artwork, at least that is what I think the three German storytellers are trying to say with their second effort.

They tell their story in an instrumental fashion; post-rock or psychedelic rock is what they are making in terms of music. It is pretty adventurous and dramatic, well produced and with decent variation as well as depth. The playing time is also sensible and the production is really strong giving life to the music. The music itself is relatively fresh but not really that original, it is not like they will surprise any listener. But none of the tracks or the story really explains how that space fox can work and that is something of a weakness because since looking at the lovely artwork it is the only thing that occupies my mind, I want to know how such a creature would work.

Overall I find this album to be good, very good even. But that little extra that makes an album outstanding is missing here, there isn’t a standout track or something like that and that sort of makes the album less interesting than it could have been. I do however think that this album will work quite well for fans of the instrumental rock or post- or psychedelic rock music but it might not have the wider appeal.

I found this little adventure to be quite entertaining, a good one to listen to and enjoy. But I am not so sure that it makes much of a lasting impression, and to be really successful an album has to be quite captivating and memorable – it has to make an impression and this one doesn’t. I think that this is a very solid and good album but not an outstanding one.






Label: Tonzonen Records
Three similar bands: Tuber/Naxatras/Electric Moon
Ratings: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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