Was Bleibt

1. Für Mich
2. Anderes Leben
3. Maschinenklang
4. Eine Stimme
5. Vollkommenheit
6. Im Schatten
7. Folge Mir
8. Nacht
9. Nur noch einmal…
10. Maschinenklang (Elektro-Version)

Tobias Serfling - Gesang, Tasten, Bass, Schlagzeug
Tom Günzig - Gitarren




Released 2019-05-24
Reviewed 2019-06-03


This band calls itself Moth if you translate the name from the German language. Behind that winged name hides a duo of German fellows with the love for the gothic metal and experience from over 20 years with a variety of bands. They founded the band in 2017 and this is their debut album and it is called Was Bleibt. The cover art is pretty dark; I think the artwork is quite cool and fairly interesting.

Gothic metal is what it is, nice and dark with some catchy stuff and some nice keyboards and those kinds of things that we generally hear on albums from within this genre. Good production, the sounds is strong and it is a nice thing that they sing in the German language – that add a sense of freshness to an album that otherwise wouldn’t be very fresh at all. The variation is quite okay; it is like what we usually find in an album like this. They have added an electronic version of the song Machinenklang for those who want to hear Nachtfalter on the dance floors.

We are given ten tracks, ten good tracks. None of them can be described as weak, the general weakness has to be that the album lacks some originality – we have heard it all before I suppose, even though the German language helps giving it a slight feeling of freshness. The two singles Machinenklang and Anderes Leben are probably the best of the songs on the album, even though no track really stands out. I would say that if you like the similar band or bands akin to those you probably will find this album quite appealing as well. It is a solid album, and quite pleasing to listen to for a while even though I felt quite done with it rather fast.

For the gothic fan it is an album that can be worth checking out, it is certainly good enough to be quite entertaining. I could perhaps do without the dancey thing but it isn’t too bad in the end and as it is the last of the tracks you could always turn the album off early. I don’t think that it is an album that will make a very strong impression but it works and it will probably not be too disappointing to whoever buys it.





Label: Echozone
Three similar bands: Type o Negative/Marilyn Manson/Porno Graphic Messiah
Rating: HHH
HHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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