Michael Lane
Traveling Son

1. Traveling Son
2. Enjoy the Show (feat. Nate Bernardini)
3. Believe
4. Worth It
5. Head for the Hills
6. Love Will Save the World
7. 1982
8. Wish You Were Here
9. Just a Child
10. Stormy Weather
11. Stay
12. Shine

Michael Lane

Sweet Notes (2014)
The Middle (2016)
Linger On (2017)

Nate Bernardini


Released 2019-10-25
Reviewed 2019-11-01

greywood records

I guess you could call Michael Lane a traveling son, he is a German-American and has been a US solider so he has probably done some traveling. He has released three albums before this one, this new one that is called Traveling Son and is a journey for a young boy. A long journey, thousands of miles together with his mother, to a place that never immersed him as his home, it is an album about fragility.

Pop, singer-songwriter is the style, not the usual stuff for Hallowed by I review what I start to listen to and I did listen to this one so I write about it and why not? It is good. The style is personal, kind of fragile, calm and slow, there isn’t really any uptempo stuff. The voice is good, the production is also good and the songs show a good variation so you will not grow bored before you get to the end. Sure, it is not that original and that good be a letdown as it makes it difficult for the album to stand out amongst the many albums that are being released these days.

I like this album, the songs are good and the overall feel of the album is good. I like the atmosphere and the emotional resonance from the songs, I do miss a really strong hit song though and that is a little bit detrimental for the overall opinion of the album, as it needs something that stands out. If you like the singer-songwriter, the more relaxed style of pop music you will probably find this album very appealing and should check the album out.

Traveling Son is a good album, it has good songs, it has most of the stuff you want from an album but it isn’t very original. I would say that there is a pretty big chance that this album will drown in the massive stream of albums that are being released every day, that is a bit of a shame as it is a good album and it deserves to get a chance. The conclusion is that it is a fine album, could be worth checking out.






Label: Greywood Records
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Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Ratings: Daniel Källmalm

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