Mean Machine
Rock 'n' Roll Up Your Ass

1. Rock'n'Roll Up Your Ass
2. Nitrobitch
3. Right Between the Eyes
4. Powder
5. Don't Mess Around With the Boys
6. Speed Patrol
7. Steamroll the Hammer
8. Faster
9. Hell of a Crossfire
10. Maniac
11. Ironclad
12. Don't Mess Around With the Girls

Raúl Mesa – Bass/Vocals
Juan Pedro Quesada –Guitar
Marc Tàpies – Drums

Livin’ Outlaw (2014)
Bastardized Mean City (2016)

Alba Karry

Javi Félez - Recording, Mixing
Patrick W. Engel -Mastering

Released 2019-08-08
Reviewed 2019-10-17

fighter records

A mean machine from Spain is what we are dealing with today and the record I write about has a long title, a pretty silly title as well. It is their third album and it has a cover that looks like something from the Mad Max stories with cars, fire and that sort of thing – well made but not really interesting is my view on the artwork. And I have to claim that I become even less interested when reading about the inspirations and those things, Motörhead, Nashville Pussy Etc. it is not what I call interesting bands that lends itself to inspiring exciting music. But to every rule there are exceptions, this is not such an exception.

Musically it is simple hard rock, punkish with some aggressive touches that leans towards thrash territories. Not really ground breaking and not really exciting from the creative standpoint. The music isn’t exactly something I would claim as a mean machine thing, it is quite tame and probably more towards the nostalgic rock for old people than something appealing to a younger crowd. There isn’t much variation over the album but they keep it short so it is still acceptable and not too long. The production is pretty average and the album sounds slightly dated, the vocalist is also quite average so overall it isn’t a standout production or craftsmanship.

Mediocre is a word that well describes what I think about this album, kind of the archetype of average for this kind of music. There are no standout tracks and I grow tired with the album quickly, I don’t even have to play through it once to feel done – and then I have to go through it a few more times in order to be able to write about it and that is a bit of a chore. The most positive thing I have to say about this album is that it has pretty good energy and it is not bad – but as I have written many times: not bad is something you can say about the majority of albums that we receive in the Hallowed mailbox and the music business is way too saturated for that to merit any interest.

Perhaps if you like bands like Motörhead but otherwise it is probably much wiser to look for the next album purchase someplace else, this isn’t a very interesting album. Not a very mean machine, perhaps you can call it a dull machine.






Label: Fighter Records
Three similar bands: Motörhead/Metallica/Nashville Pussy

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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