Rebuild Destroy

1. Generation Riot
2. Long Time Coming
3. What You Gonna Do
4. Bullet
5. Roses
6. Face In The Crowd
7. Over And Out
8. Pieces
9. The Wrecking Crew
10. GettingHeavy
11. A Mile In My Shoes

Brad Marr – Vocals/Guitar
Ben Laguda – Guitar
Andrew Greentree – Drums
Brenton Kewish – Bass

Full Throttle (2014)
Destination Somewhere (2016)



Released 2019-02-01
Reviewed 2019-02-05

off yer rocka

Massive Australians are rebuilding and destroying on their third album that is released in the height of summer, if you live in Australia that is because here it is lots of snow and very cold. I am just writing that because it is a good album for the pub or the summer barbecue. It should also be great for the summer festivals and that sort of thing, it even kind of look that way if we watch the cover. It doesn’t really look like they spent much time working on that cover but they have probably spent more working on the songs than the cover.

Musically they are a straightforward classic hard rocking band with decent energy and a sense of nostalgia. They go straight to the point without deviations. They have a decent variation over the album’s songs and with a sensible playing time a listener will not have time grow tired with the album. It is an album that does things simple, there are no strange things and no surprises – fans of the simple rock’n’roll will find this album most appealing I think. It is a fine production that will please many who enjoy the simpler music.

And it is good; it will be well received by those who enjoy the more traditional rock music. I like it even though I would have preferred them thinking at least a little bit outside the box because while they are good they aren’t really that memorable or exciting. The songs work but they are not fantastic. The album is fine but lacks that little bit extra that makes good great and you could go on writing things to that effect but I think you know what I mean. It is a fine album and all those old geezers dreaming of the glorious past will really like it and why not, some nostalgic and simple rock music in small doses can be great at times.

I wouldn’t say that Massive makes a massive tsunami in the mainstream of music but they will probably at least make a few waves and their album will be liked by many. And probably most by those who see the band on stage as it is probably there these songs will shine at their brightest. So if you are a fan of the simple and straightforward rock music I think it would be a good choice to have a closer look at this album.





Label: Off Yer Rocka Recordings
Three similar bands: Guns N’ Roses/Mötley Crüe/Rose Tattoo

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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