1. Die For You
2. Begging
3. Never Again
4. Death Laughs At You
5. Nightwalker
6. Living In A Dream,
7. Cockroach
8. Kill Us All

Johan Fahlberg - vocals
Matti Norling - Guitar
Marcus "Mackan" Holten - Guitar
Lennart "Z" Zethzon - Bass
Fredrik Jansson-Punkka - Drums

Lugnet (2016)

Add-ons, Mellotron, Ac guitar etc - Matti Norlin

Recorded at Studio Heavy Electric Sound by Kent Sjöberg
Mixed by Matti Norlin
Mastered by Mike Lind
Produced by Lugnet
Executive producer Lennart Zethzon
Cover art and layout by Robin Gnista Group
photo by Soile Siirtola

Released 2019-01-25
Reviewed 2019-01-02

pride & joy

Today I am taking on the first 2019 release in the long line of reviews we have done and will do and it will be of the album Nightwalker by Swedish band Lugnet. It is their second album, their first was released in 2016 and was self titled. It was an album that I did like but it didn’t offer much in terms of fresh thinking or new ideas. This new album shows the same seventies fascination but features a new singer from the band, something that gives them a bit more dynamics in their musical approach. Other than that I wouldn’t claim that much has changed for the band, their music is similar and once again they have a fairly interesting album cover.

Do you know how Led Zeppelin sounds? If you do you will have a fairly good idea of how this album and the previous one sounds. There are no real difference between this album compared with the previous one, other than more dynamic and probably better vocals from Johan Fahlberg the new vocalist who is most known for his singing in Jaded Heart. But it is mostly the vocals that differ from the earlier album and fans will recognise the band and their stuff. Good thing too that they keep to the vinyl format in terms of playing time with little over forty minutes split in eight tracks that shows a decent variation for the format – the production is good as is the vocalist.

I think that this is a good album, it may not break new ground or anything but it is a solid album with good songs. Probably a slight step up compared with the previous album but doesn’t really offer that much in terms of evolvement. They do more or less the same as the previous album but with a better vocalist and slightly better songs. But their lack of ideas comes with a slight prise and that is the fact that you grow a bit tired of the album more quickly than you do with fresher albums that feels more new and exciting the first time I hear it. But it is probably good enough to be interesting for those who enjoy the more nostalgic kind of rock music.

It may not be much different compared with the previous album and their fans will find it most appealing and I find it quite a good album that is fairly enjoyable. However, I would probably go a bit conservative when it comes to the superlatives but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t an album that could be worth checking out, especially if you like retro rock.






Label: Pride & Joy Music
Three similar bands: Blues Pills/Led Zeppelin/Rival Sons

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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