Lord Vigo
Six Must Die

1 Elizabeth Dane
2 Doom Shall Rise
3 I Am The Prophecy
4 Thul-Rar
5 Thal Mun-Rar
6 Evil In Disguise
7 Six Must Die
8 21 April 1880

Vinz Clortho - Drums, Vocals
Tony Scoleri - Guitars, Bass
Volguus Zildrohar - Guitars, Bass

Blackborne Souls (2017)


Recorded at Atomic Ages Studios
Produced & mixed by Vinz Clortho and Lord Vigo.
Mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony in February 2018.
Voiceover in "Six Must Die" by scfsounds and ingridfinicle.
All pictures by Zildrohar / Mantis
Post-Production by vsphotography.de
Cover Artwork by Markus Vesper Art
Logo by Karmazid
Layout Geroge Zacharoglou

Released 2018-05-25
Reviewed 2019-02-21


no remorse records

Six must die says Lord Vigo and I cannot help thinking about which six I can do without in this world, I should point out that death penalty is a stupid and poor thing but the world can do without some of the idiots that populate it. Donald Trump has to be one of the six, Putin another, Duterte, Bolsonaro, Jimmie Åkesson and Viktor Orban (out of disrespect I don’t care if I have misspelled their names) can be the other ones the world will do better without. It is a fun thing to think about what people whose absence would be more favourable than their presence. Despite the title Lord Vigo’s second album is not really about wasting the six worst people in the world but a conceptual idea based on Carpenter’s film The Fog and one have to say that it has a nice colour scheme but the picture could have been better.

It is a doom metal album; one could call it an epic doom metal album. It is styled according to the doom metal format and there are no real surprises in terms of what you get to hear. We get eight tracks that take us from Elzabeth Dane to 21. April 1880 so you risk getting lost way in the past if you get too caught up in this album. The sound could have been better, I would say that the production is somewhere in the region of average or just below average, nothing special there. And nothing special in terms of novelty or musical ideas either, but they keep it sensibly short so it is not so long that you have time to die from boredom before it ends.

Kind of a foggy adventure, slightly dramatic almost. I think that it is fairly good, a good album in fact. Not a special album though as it doesn’t really bring a sense of novelty or adventure to the listening sensation. But fans of the doomier metallic regions will find this album quite entertaining, and quite good I suppose. You cannot really fault them too much, they do music according to a format and they do it quite well – and I think that it is a fairly agreeable album. Not a very memorable album though and most of you who noticed it when it was released have probably forgotten all about it a long time ago.

Lord Vigo will probably please their crowd with this new album, and if you are a fan of doom metal I suggest that you take a closer look at it. But don’t believe you will be surprised or blown away by the brilliant ideas and musical prowess these guys exhibit, one could really wish for a bit more imagination and personality. But you could say that they do more or less what you can expect from an obscure band trying to blend in with the bigger guys, so if you are a doomer you are suggested to check out this one.





Label: No Remorse Records
Three similar bands: Candlemass/Pentagram/Witchfinder General

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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