Long Distance Calling
Stummfilm (Live from Hamburg)

1. Into The Black Wide Open
2. The Very Last Day
3. In The Clouds
4. Like A River
5. On The Verge
6. Interlude
7. Out There
8. Apparitions
9. Black Paper Planes
10. 359°
11. I Know You, Stanley Milgram
12. Sundown Highway
13. Flux
14. Metulsky Curse Revisited

David Jordan - guitar
Florian Füntmann - guitar
Janosch Rathmer - drums
Jan Hoffmann – bass

Satellite Bay (2007)
090208 Split (EP 2008)
Avoid The Light (2009)
Long Distance Calling (2011)
The Flood Inside (2013)
Nighhawk (EP 2014)

Trips (2016)

Boundless (2018)

Luca Gilles - cello
Aaron Schrade - percussion and electronic beats


Released 2019-11-01
Reviewed 2019-10-20



Germany’s Long Distance Calling have been doing a somewhat different tour visiting venues like churches and old theatres and at such a church in Hamburg they recorded the show that became Stummfilm (silent movie). It is a show where they have some screens with visual presentations, they have a seated audience and they are in a visually attractive location. That is of course something well worth taking an interest in checking out, as it doesn’t follow your every day format, they are making the silent movie that you imagine – at least to some extent.

Musically you all know that the band is silent when it comes to vocals, at least for the most parts, we have reviewed two albums where they did have vocals but their latest effort was a return to the instrumental stuff they did before. Something allowing them to roam more freely through the musical landscapes. This show sees their strong tracks recorded in a high quality production; the sound is almost of studio quality. The audience may not be that much heard but they are probably seated and hypnotised by the music that offers strong variation through a long show. It is a really strong sound production.

The visual is also interesting, the use of an interesting venue is helping a lot but the set with screens and stuff also works to present the band in a good visual way. The camera work is good and the editing with good tempo in the cutting and movements helps a lot to make this an appealing visual presentation. The slight downside is that it isn’t exactly filmed in a way that really sets it apart from other live videos of today – they do what works and it works for them as well. There should be an added plus for having lots of bird’s eye view shots throughout, that helps put the scale of the thing in view.

It is a really good release this one, fans of the band will be really impressed. But it will not be only them, I think that this will work well for those who are new to the band’s music as well – it is just very good. I don’t think there is much weaknesses, a thing that could be is the length of the album that might be less great when you are out listening in your headphones but when watching the video you don’t care about the fact that it is very long show. It really works and as they say in the press material; words are unnecessary.

Stummfilm might actually be the best thing I have reviewed in terms of Long Distance Running releases, it is just great in almost any respect. The band performs really well and they have produced an excellent live release, and those do not come in droves. So I tip my hat and recommend that you have a look at this one, I don’t think that you will be disappointed. Great stuff!




Label: InsideOut
Three similar bands: Pink Floyd/Anathema/Tool

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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