Lindsay Schoolcraft

1. Saviour
2. Dangerous Game
3. Stranger
4. Into The Night
5. Blood From A Stone
6. Dawn
7. Remember
8. See The Light
9. Where I Fall
10. My Way Without You
11. Lullaby

Piano, and Harp by Lindsay Schoolcraft
Drum programming, Guitar, and Bass by Rocky Gray
Orchestration by Spencer Creaghan
Additional Orchestration by Matthew Van Dreil


Orthodox chant on "Saviour" by Vassilis Thomas
Gregorian chant on "Saviour" by David Michael Moote
Children’s choirs on "Dangerous Game," "Warm Me," and "Remember" thanks to the aid of Chanel Martins
Guest vocals on "See The Light" by Xenoyr
Backing vocals on "My Way Without You" by Lauren Francis

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Tyler Williams of Monolithic Productions
Mastered by Lasse Lammert
All songs written by Lindsay Schoolcraft and Rocky Gray with the exception of "Stranger," written by Lindsay Schoolcraft, Matt Kelly, and Rocky Gray
Cover Artwork by Anastasia Solti and logo by Lindsey Márton

Released 2019-10-07
Reviewed 2019-10-16


Lindsay Schoolcraft is probably most known for being part of British band Cradle of Filth, she is a Canadian singer, songwriter, harpist, pianist etc. an accomplished musician. She is now releasing her first album under her own moniker, it is called Martyr and it has a good-looking cover art. A question I had when taking on the album was if it was as good as the artwork, it certainly looks exciting but then the mentioning of Cradle of Filth makes it all less exciting as that British band has never ever appealed to me. So what about Lindsay? Her music is quite different compared to the mentioned British band.

Gothic metal, ethereal gothic metal or rock with strong atmosphere, almost dreamy or like a fantasy soundscape. It is also an album with many elements of classical music; she is trained in that kind of music. The production is of very high quality giving life to the soundscapes, as does the great vocals by Lindsay Schoolcraft. The variation is good and they keep the playing time sensible, you will not grow tired with this album unless you repeat it an insane amount of times – I have played it many times over, especially today and it still feels interesting and great.

Martyr has to be one of the greatest positive surprises of the year, I always enjoy those unexpected great albums that arrive from time to time and this has been a very enjoyable album to listen to many times over. The songs are all great and you will have to look really long and really hard to find anything negative about it. It may be that fans of Cradle of Filth where we also hear Lindsay feels that it isn’t to their liking but it should work for those enjoying something a bit more exciting. It may not be fantastically original but it is an album with a fresh feeling and it is always good when you listen to a new album that actually feels like listening to a new album – it doesn’t always happen, much hard rock and metal are just copies but this is rather fresh and exciting.

I think you should have a closer look at this album; it should work for anyone enjoying music that is a bit fresh. You should definitely not miss this one if you enjoy the female fronted gothic music; it even ends with a lullaby. So, why not check it out? Too bad that it doesn’t seem to be a vinyl version of it as it would have looked great in the collection, great stuff!





Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Cradle of Filth/Antiqva/Evanescence
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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