Lee Aaron
Power, Soul, Rock'n'Roll
Live in Germany

1. Mistreated
2. Tomboy
3. Rock Candy
4. Metal Queen
5. Fire and Gasoline
6. Powerline
7. I'm a Woman
8. Some Girls Do
9. Sex with Love
10. Barely Holdin on
11. Whatcha Do to My Body
12. Diamond Baby
13. Hot to Be Rocked

Lee Aaron - Vocals, Guitar
John Cody - Drums
Sean Kelly - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Reimer - Bass, Vocals
Kevin “Toad” Sauliner - Keyboards

1982: The Lee Aaron Project
1984: Metal Queen
1985: Call of the Wild
1987: Lee Aaron
1989: Bodyrock
1991: Some Girls Do
1994: Emotional Rain
1996: 2preciious
2000: Slick Chick
2004: Beautiful Things
2016: Fire and Gasoline
2018: Diamond Baby Blues


Recorded at Nurember and Balingen during the 2017 Fire and Gasoline tour
Nuremberg recorded by:
Little Guitar Slinger - video recording
Franz and Martina Pabst - audio recording
Balingen Recorded by:
Bernhard Baran for B Light Pictures
Mixed by John Webster
Mastered by Harry Hess @ H-Bomb Mastering
Album photo by Rik Roe, Mike Mechnig, Mike Parkinson
Artwork by Eric Bourdon

Released 2019-09-20
Reviewed 2019-09-01



Lee Aaron seems to understand the good about not littering the world with live albums every other year. This is actually the first live album in a career stretching all the way back to the eighties and the cover photo sure looks energetic. It comes in DVD and CD in a digipak package and it was recorded over two nights in Germany, two different venues. According to the press sheet it contains Lee’s Multi Platinum hits and some from the more recent album but the question that arise when I listen to it the first time is why they open with a Deep Purple cover and a boring one at that.

Musically it is the same kind of bluesy rock that we herd on the recent album, the recording is solid and the sound is pretty good. You could claim that the band performs pretty well, and it is fine that the album is limited to thirteen tracks and not longer. I also think they manage to make the sound coherent despite it being recorded at different occasions; it is a solid live album.

They try to be creative with the video material with interesting editing. The fact that they recorded on different shows and venues makes the video material a bit fragmented and the editing doesn’t really compensate for that. The video quality isn’t really great either and I think they could have done a lot more on that front. Especially considering that the press material describes Lee as a rock icon, an icon should be capable of creating something visually better than what we see when view this video.

So, the video is a bit drab and the album is pretty dull as well. I actually fell asleep when trying to play through the album for the first time, that may be due to some sleeping disorder but it doesn’t detract from the fact that the album is really boring just like the studio album before. Sure there are upsides but few of them, sure there are fans of Lee Aaron that will disagree with this but I think most music fans will see this as the dull affair that it is.

The best track is the one called Metal Queen, perhaps not a relevant title for Lee Aaron as she isn’t much of a queen and neither is she much a of metal person. But at least that is a good song with a it of energy on a live show that feels more dead than alive and the filmed material doesn’t really work for me - so unless you are a fan of Lee Aaron you can simply overlook this album and enjoy something much more interesting.






Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Deep Purple/Koko Taylor/
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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