Geodesic Beast

1. Geodesic Beast
2. Human Deception
3. Kromorthian Warrior
4. Catatonic Fury
5. King Pan
6. Descendants of Serpent
7. Satanic Etny
8. Hymn of Apocalypse
9. Fire of Transmutation
10. Enemies on Fire
11. The Illuminati
12. Annihilate the Nazarene

Elton Bernadinno - Drums
Fabio Agassi - Guitars
Rodrigo Auad - Guitars, Vocals
Lincoln Lima - Bass

In the Name of Kutulu (2000)


Executive production by Rodrigo Auad
Produced by Trek Magalhães and Kromorth
Recorded at “Da Tribo Studio” São Paulo/sp/Brazil by Trek Magalhães
Mixed and masterized at “Lamparina Studio” São Paulo/sp/Brazil by Thiago Hospede and Trek Magalhães
Geodesic Beast intro produced by Moyses Kolesne
Cover and back cover artwork by Rafael Tavares
Band pictures by Tony Arts
This album was recorded on the analog system

Released 2018-12-11
Reviewed 2019-03-23

iron blood and death

It seems like measuring is the thing of the best in the first album by Brazilian band Kromorth, the name probably sounds cool but the science of Geodesy doesn’t seem like the most evil of sciences. This band has been around for quite a while, they released a demo back in 2000 and this is their first album that comes many years later and I can assure that if they have been working all this years trying to come up with an original album they have failed miserably. I think the logo and the cover kind of reflects what we get to hear and that is not something particularly original.

Traditional death metal is one way to describe it, primitive is probably another and brutal death metal probably fits as well. It is rackety and growly with smattering drums and no imagination – déjà vu is not a poor way to describe this. They take pride in analogue production, which in this case means dated and poor production with a soundscape that is more sickening than it is impressive. And there is no variation, the album feels way too long and it is like an eternity to play through the entire thing.

A question that arise when I am listening to this album is why there are so few musicians capable of creating something fresh and interesting, why so many of them just copy what they like and don’t even try to do something of their own. Like these guys, they just burp up another variation of a theme that was uninteresting and boring when it was new and is even more so now. I would actually say that this is a terrible album; there is nothing good about it, nothing at all. I really hate bands and people who believe that the traditions and traditional should be preserved, sticking to tradition makes for boring art as well as unsustainable societies – it sucks, like this album.

Perhaps it may appeal to fans of this traditionalism and whatever else you would like to call it, that poorly produced rackety death metal that has been done to death already. The problem is that even they have to grow tired of the same thing one day or another, what is the point of owning hundreds of albums that sounds the same? I can’t see one. Perhaps this kind of stuff should have the CD-releases done on CD-rw so that you can at least reuse to CD to something good instead of it being just a waste of resources and bad for the environment. Fortunately I got it on digital so it doesn’t really matter much that it goes into the waste, it just creates some more space on the hard drive. This album is a waste of time; you should not really bother with it.






Label: Iron, Blood & Death Corp
Three similar bands: Krisiun/Ophiolatry/Abhorrence

Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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