Krishna Peri

1. Escape Velocity
2. Critical Mass
3. Silver Linings
4. Third from the Sun
5. Cyclotron

Lead/Rhythm guitars - Krishna Peri
Bass guitar - Marcus Shammah
Drums - Noble John
Keyboards/pads - Joy Solomon



Mixing - Shasank Venkat
Album artwork - Paco Puente

Released 2019-01-06
Reviewed 2019-03-06


Originally from India but Krishna Peri now resides in the United States of America, an after some years playing covers it is now time for the debut release of own material. Cyclotrone is the five-track EP that we are getting from Peri and it certainly has a nice cover, but as far as I could see it comes in digital format so you cannot have it on a vinyl record in your shelf, unless that is something that will come along later with an album or so. It says nothing about that in the press mail so that is only speculation on my part but it would be pretty cool I think.

Musically it is instrumental rock with a sci-fi theme and perhaps a slight touch of the sci-fi in the music as well. If you know Marty Friedman’s work you can use it as a frame of reference as I think the sound is quite similar with especially the guitar sound being similar. Only five tracks so it is short, it will not be enough time to be bored with it and even so it is also decent variation over the five tracks that takes twenty minutes to play through. There are some spoken parts, like radio transmissions in the opening for example and at some more spot but the most distinctive is the great guitar sound and the good flow the music has.

I think that it is a good little EP, perhaps a little bit on the short side but the songs are all good and nice to listen to. It may miss a bit of a climax; the album never really reaches a super strong high point that would set it apart from most other stuff released. It is mostly solid and coherent; the adventure isn’t quite as exciting as I would have liked it to be. But it is good nevertheless and I think it can certainly be a worthwhile little EP to play at times even though it leaves me wanting something more.

If you like instrumental rock and especially the kind that Marty Friedman has to offer, this could be an album that could be worth checking out. I think it will go down well with most music fans, I doubt it is an album that can be disliked. Therefore I think the logical conclusion has to be that it is a very fine debut release by Krishna Peri, it sounds and looks good.






Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Joe Satriani/Buckethead/Marty Friedman

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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