Kissin' Black
Dresscode: Black

01. Chi dice che porto sfortuna?
02. Giants
03. Dark Again
04. Gravemen
05. Liquor Tears
06. Flirtin´ With Hope
07. Dresscode: Black
08. Step Out Of My Dreams
09. Oh Girl French Girl
10. Jolie
11. Riders
12. Address Unknown
13. The Visit
14. Unveiled: In The Rain

Giu Mastrogiacomo - voice
Marcel Spiga - drums
Andy Dormann - acoustic guitar
Pascal Zwyssig - electric guitar
Heinz Gysin - bass
André Huber-Meznaric - piano

Ever Enough? (EP 2012)
Heart Over Head (2014)

Florian Grey - vocals track 9
Anna Murphy - vocals track 11
James C. Christensen - piano track 10
Antonio Maiorano & Faruk Muslijevic - accordion track 10
The Barbetta Clan (Sofia, Giuliana, Mattia, Sandra & Pina) - voices track 1

Produced by Giu Mastrogiacomo & Rob Viso at Le Bistro, Luzern
Mastered by Chris Harms & Benjamin Lawrenz at Chameleon Studios, Hamburg
Photos by VD Pictures
Artwork and Layout by Martin Gut

Released 2019-02-22
Reviewed 2019-02-21


Dresscode is black for the second album by Swiss sextet Kissin’ Black a band who describe themselves as dark acoustic rock or something like that. Their second album has a cool cover with a black cat and the booklet follows the suggested dresscode, at least its cover does. The tracks are quite a few and they have some prominent guests like Florian Grey and Anna Murphy, the latter known from the band Eluveitie where she was a member for quite a while. So it would appear that the band has all the ingredients but the question is if they manage to combine those ingredients into something as good as the potential.

Gothic touches, acoustic, dark, rock and things like that can be used to describe this band. Quite a wide ranging albums with a wide variety of songs and a pretty good depth and sensible playing time despite having as many as fourteen tracks where the first one has some cats making noises, much better than my cat friend who sounds a lot more annoying. It is an album that is fairly easy to like I think and I would not be surprised if it was positively received by most who heard it. The sound is good and they are quite interesting creatively so you would be forgiven if you have a positive view towards this album.

Good album, no doubt about that. It was close to be the third five-pointer in three days but I opted against it as the album feels a bit fragmented and incoherent at times and there are some parts that are not as exciting as the best parts. Tracks like Dark Again, the title track and Jolie makes this album worth checking out while there are some other parts that are less exciting, so I would say that this is an album that is a little bit up and down but overall the feeling is positive and I doubt it will be a disappointment to anyone.

Dresscode: Black is a good-looking album and it is a good album. It has tracks that makes you want to return to it and listen but in the end it also has some parts that prevents it from being that great album you consider for the top lists when the year 2019 is to be summarised. For all of us in black it is a good, albeit a little bit incoherent album.




Label: Notte Nera Records
Three similar bands: Florian Grey/Lacrimas Profundere/INXS

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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