King Zebra

1. That's What I Like
2. Firewalker
3. Like A Hurricane
4. King Zebra
5. Bad Reputation

Eric St. Michaels – Lead Vocals
Roman Lauer – Lead Guitars, Vocals
Jerry Napitupulu – Rhythm Guitars, Vocals
Michael Mutter – Bass, Vocals
Benjamin Grimm – Drums

Greatest Hits (2013)
Wild! Wild! Wild! (2015)



Released 2019-03-22
Reviewed 2019-03-31


We visit the king of the zebras and their self-titled EP, their third release after two albums with interesting names. They have a new singer this time, a guy we heard in the bad China before. We get five tracks, three have we heard and seen as video tracks and two has not been released before. The EP comes in digital format predominantly and there will be a physical release sold at the band’s live shows. But is it something worth visiting their shows for? I don’t enjoy the digital releases so it should have been the physical but I don’t really think I want that.

Hard rock, catchy heavy rock with the style of the eighties and that sort of thing, they are similar to mentioned China and their countrymen Krokus and Gotthard but also bands like Whitesnake, Def Leppard and their peers if you like to compare with other bands. The EP is quite short and feels repetitive with tracks that are fairly similar in style, none of the tracks really stand out and the production can be described as fairly average for the genre. They have a decent vocalist but nothing special, nothing outstanding. They have nothing that sets them apart from other bands in the genre; most likely they will be fast forgotten.

It is not an outstanding album; I guess we could call it an okay album in the regard that it is not a bad album. But it is not an exciting album, the songs feel pretty ordinary for the genre and to me it seems like this EP is destined for oblivion. I have to wonder who this album is for. Perhaps fans of the similar bands will find this EP appealing but I am not sure that even those enjoying this kind of music will find this EP worth much, I believe it will be forgotten rather quickly.

Not a bad album, but neither is it good. I have to say that it is a pretty forgettable album that I can do without and we all can do without as it lacks ideas and strong hit songs. I think that King Zebra has do a lot more than this if they want to be a more relevant band in the future, this is average in every sense of the way – and average is pretty boring.




Label: Independent
Three similar bands: China/Krokus/Def Leppard

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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