Jimi Anderson Group
I Belong

1. Brave New World
2. Holdin’ on to the Night
3. If All I Need Is You
4. Until Then
5. Wonderful Tokyo Nights
6. Blinded By The Moonlight
7. Fearless Warrior (Speak With Fire)
8. I Belong
9. I’m A Believer
10. State Of Shock
11. I Wanna Go Round Again
12. Jamie’s Blues

Jimi Anderson – Vocals & Keyboards
Dave Cuthbert – Lead & Rhythm Guitars (2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9)
Greame Duffin – Lead & Rhythm Guitars (8, 10, 11)
Sandy Jones – Guitars, Bass & Drum Programming

Welcome to the Revolution (EP 2012)
Where Do We Go From Here (EP 2015)
Longtime Comin' (2017)


Recorded at FML

Released 2019-08-30
Reviewed 2019-08-19

aor heaven

Jimi Anderson has a group and now he thinks he belongs, at least he claims so with his second album. The first album that was Longtime Comin’ was really well received by the Hallowed reviewer that wrote about that album and in terms of style this is a similar album – but it has what looks like a native American on the cover, an old person. The question is does Jimi really belong in the record shelf?

This album belongs in the AOR or melodic rock bracket; it has catchy choruses and good vocals. Decent variation over a playing time of 47 minutes that actually offers one or two not completely typical events, but that doesn’t mean that the album isn’t predictable. No alarms and no surprises is what we are given and I guess that is safe for many, and for them they press the right buttons with the music they make. But if you are looking for originality you will have to look elsewhere.

I am not sure that I Belong, belongs in my record collection – the cover isn’t great enough and the music is a bit too easy to grow tired with. But it is also easy to like so playing it every once in a while will probably give pleasure to the one who enjoyed the previous album and those who enjoy the AOR genre. But also remember that it is hard to completely overlook the fact that Jimi Anderson doesn’t really offer anything that we haven’t heard before.

I Belong is a pretty enjoyable, the fifth track Wonderful Tokyo Nights is a pretty wonderful track, and I think all the tracks are good and that the album is quite enjoyable for a while before I grow a little bit tired with it. So I think it is an album without any major weakness but the sense of déjà vu is hard to overlook, check it out if you like the genre.






Label: AOR Heaven
Three similar bands: Journey/Foreigner/Survivor

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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