The Great Time Robbery

1. Pile of Excuses
2. Hall of Mirrors
3. The Uphill Climb
4. Dirty Game
5. Blindness
6. I’ll Never Smile Again
7. The Search Will Never End
8. Mountains Can Be Moved
9. In The Blood
10. Burn My Letters
11. While We Wait For Light

Keld Rud – Vocals & Guitar
Stefan Korsgaard – Drums
Lars Jørgensen – Bass

Anti-Jukebox (1999)
Hard Words Softly Spoken (2000)
Blood on Canvas (2004)
The Dream Society (2007)

The Road Ends (2012)


Recorded at Takt & Tone
Machine - Mixing, Mastering
Keld Rud Nielsen - Producer, Cover art
Jesper Møller - Producer

Released 2019-11-15
Reviewed 2019-11-15


art gates records

The road ended in 2012 but it seems that the Danes of Jerkstore found a path forwards anyway and now they are releasing their sixth album The Great Time Robbery. It is a cover that features the sands of time slipping through the hands of some person, not the greatest cover I have ever seen; their previous album had a much more fascinating cover. I have been checking what hid beneath the cover for a while now and suspect that those who have been waiting for a new album by Jerkstore will be pleased with what they get to hear from the Danes who has a name inspired by an Episode of Seinfeld. It is good to hear that the road didn’t end in 2012 and that they once again put together a fine album.

Straightforward hardrock is the musical recipe for The Great Time Robbery; it is similar to what they did the last time around. It is a really well produced album with powerful sound that still shows great sense of melody and strong choruses, there are several tracks that would do well are radio singles. They keep the playing time sensible and the tracks shows pretty good variation and depth; they probably could have skipped one song to make it more dynamic but the risk of growing tired with the album feels rather small anyway. It is a high quality production from a band that released the debut album twenty years ago.

The Great Time Robbery is a very good album, the tracks are all really good and some are excellent. The small niggles can be the lack or originality but as the album feels quite fresh and the songs are so good it isn’t that strong as a negative argument, that it could be shorter is also a small matter and this is probably more something I see when I try to look at it critically while a casual listener wouldn’t care. So the negatives are very few while strengths are quite many, the strong confident sound is one of those. Then you have the great tracks like the opening Pile of Excuses, The Uphill Climb, Blindness, and more, that makes this an excellent and enjoyable album to listen to.

It is probably not quite an album for the top lists of the year, but not far behind. I have really enjoyed the album and recommend that you give it a try too as I think you will find that it is worth the time. Their time robbery is not a problem; it isn’t such a bad thing to let them steal 45 minutes of your time. It is probably a wise decision to have a closer look at this album; it kind of makes you feel better ahead of that uphill climb that is life. Check it out.





Label: Art Gates Records
Three similar bands: Soundgarden/Smeer/Metallica

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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