[In Mute]
Chaos Breeder

1. Just(ice)
2. A Beautiful Disaster
3. Beyond Death
4. EcceTorment
5. Depth of Suffering
6. Calibrated Face
7. Chaos Breeder
8. Unhallowed Divination

Adrián - Drums
Pedro - Bass
Cristóbal - Guitars
Mike - Guitars
Vanja Obscure - Vocals

Aeternum (2009)
One in a Million (EP 2013)
Gea (2017)


Recorded at New Level Studios, Elefante Estudios & Firework Studios, Valencia, Spain.
Mixed and mastered at The Room BCN.
Produced by Davish G. Álvarez
Mixed & Mastered by Gorka Dresbaj
Cover art by Estér Galán

Released 2019-11-15
Reviewed 2019-12-02

art gates records

Spanish death metalers [In Mute] come up with a new album that is their third. For this new album called Chaos Breeder they have gotten a new vocalist called Vanja and the artwork is pretty uninteresting. In the list of tracks we notice that they have eight tracks that ranger from Justice to Unhallowed Divination – it doesn’t really look that interesting just looking at what we have and listening to it doesn’t do too much to brighten it up either.

Melodic death metal, kind of in the Scandinavian fashion, they are compared with the likes of Arch Enemy and that isn’t a bad comparison. The vocalist is pretty good; her growling is quite evil and powerful. The production is also quite good but neither the production nor vocals really stand out and it wouldn’t be exaggerating to claim that they aren’t very original. There are no real surprises and not much variation either; it is almost like the songs are floating together into an almost indistinguishable mass of death metal. It is good that they keep the playing time sensible so that it is short enough to avoid becoming really boring towards the end.

Overall I cannot say that I am impressed by what I am hearing when listening to this album, it sounds good and so on but so does many other albums in the melodic death metal genre and among the good but non-standout albums this is towards the lower end of the spectrum. There is nothing here to grab the attention of the casual listener. The songs are all decent but the feeling is that the album is rather generic, too much inside the box and too little chaos. It may be appealing to fans of the melodic death metal genre but very few others will be impressed by what the Spaniards has to offer.

Perhaps is could be worth checking out if you are a fan of the melodic death metal genre, you might like it but otherwise I don’t think it is worth bothering with this album. There are many others that are better and there is nothing that really sets this album apart from most in this genre. Chaos Breeder isn’t exciting enough to really engage me to listen.






Label: Art Gates Records
Three similar bands: Arch Enemy/The Agonist/Trivium

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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