Reveal Your Soul for the Dead

1. Reveal Your Soul...
2. ...For The Dead
3. With Hate
4. This Is Our Calling For The End
5. What Will I Become?
6. We Must Endure
7. To Sail You Away
8. We Are One
9. Drink It All
10. She’s Not In Our Way
11. All Is Sworn

Bo Summer - Subwoofer
Jakob Batten - Guitars
Onkel K. Jensen - Bass
Rasmus Schmidt - Drums

Four Depressive Seasons (1993)
Return from Tomorrow (1994)
Submit (1995)
Helvede (1996)
There‘s Something Rotten in the State of Denmark (1997)
Retro‘ (2000)
Kokaiinum (2001)
1-800 Vindication (2004)
Burn Me Wicked (2006)
The Prestige (2008)
To Those Who Walk Behind Us (2009)
There is Light (But it's not for Me) (2011)
Sense the Darkness (2012)

With the Lost Souls on Our Side (2014)

Grey Sky Over Black Town (2016)


Produced by Illdisposed. Recorded at Fast Beat Studio (drums) and The Batcave (guitars, bass, vocals)
Mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound
Cover artwork by Dixon Jong (Intuitive Designs) and Bahrull Marta (Abomination Imagery)
Additional artwork by Agus Zoer

Released 2019-08-23
Reviewed 2019-09-10



Fifteenth album for the Danish heroes Illdisposed who has been putting out quality death metal since 1993, and we here at Hallowed have reviewed the latest of these album and they always made good album, perhaps not standout albums but reliable and good ones. They have gone for a more traditional death metal approach compared with the previous album’s black metal influences, to be honest I didn’t hear that much different between the albums, or the ones prior to it. You kind of know what you will get from Illdisposed.

The subwoofer kind of vocals from Bo, the groove and the melodies, the raw energy, strongly produced death metal. There are no real surprises here, the band knows what they are doing and the fans know what they are getting. Dan Swanö has done mixing and mastering which is good for the sound but there are no real tangible difference between this new album and the earlier ones. The band sounds more or less the same and it will be very familiar to the fans. This new album contains eleven tracks and those require little over forty minutes to play through and the variation through these tracks is relatively good.

A good and solid album once again, you can depend on the fact that Illdisposed delivers the goods. We are given a solid death metal effort with good tracks, good groove, some bassy vocals and some nice melodies – kind of what I have come to expect from Illdisposed. I miss one or a few standout tracks; the hit potential isn’t quite there in my opinion. Fans of Illdisposed will probably like this album just like they like the previous ones, there is nothing here to disappoint them. As a reviewer I could feel that I am missing a sense of fresh ideas, the feeling of novelty that you get from the best new albums. But this is certainly a likeable album and it has a fair bit to enjoy.

Get it if you are a fan of Illdisposed, you will not be disappointed. Chances are that you will like it even if you are not a genuine fan of the band, but it may not strike you as the most memorable album out there and chances are that this will be looked upon as one more solid effort that didn’t make much of an impact. It is not Illdisposed best or most memorable effort.





Label: Massacre Records
Three similar bands:
Kalmah/Suicide Silence/Heaven Shall Burn
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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