Horizons Edge
Let the Show Go On

1. A New Day Will Dawn
2. Farewell
3. Black Hole
4. Surrender
5. Let the Show Go On
6. Use Me
7. Holding Out For a Hero
8. Masks
9. In Your Eyes
10. Demons
11. In A Moment
12. Bring Me Home

Kat Sproule - Vocals
Josh Ristrom - Guitar
Eddy Grosso - Guitar
Jae Edward- Bass
Dan Maloney - Drums

Horizons Edge (2014)
Heavenly Realms (2015)

Ralf Scheepers - vocals

Music produced by Bob Katsionis
Vocals produced by Ralf Scheepers
Mixed by Bob Katsionis
Mastered by Nasos Namikos
Concept art idea by Horizons Edge and Valgorth
Art & Design by Aldo "V" Requena

Released 2019-03-01
Reviewed 2019-02-06

fastball music

Australians today, just like yesterday when it was Massive that appeared under the gaze of the Hallowed reviewer. It is the third album that was originally released in 2018 and is now being released again under a different label. It is a female fronted band that certainly looks like a power metal album, logo and everything. I wouldn’t claim that it is an album that looks very exciting, or interesting. So what about the music then?

Power metal is what it is, female fronted such metal even though it is could just as well had been a guy singing as she doesn’t sound that female. She is not that great either. They are fairly typical of the melodic power metal with focus on catchy stuff, lots of keys, polished production and that kind of thing – nothing that really stands out and I am not sure that the keys are a good addition to the band’s sound. Okay production, kind of reminiscent of fellow Australians like Black Majesty to name an example, and not a standout production. Decent variation and decent playing time, perhaps the album is a little bit on the long side but not a major issue.

The major issue for this album is that it isn’t a very exciting album, the songs are not that great and the album is forgettable. The best track is the Bonnie Tyler cover Holding Out For a Hero, a track that at least makes the experience of playing the album bearable. That track is better in its original guise though and I can’t really say that there is much about this album that makes me positive towards it. And I can’t say that I can think of anyone that will be really impressed with this album, I think it is too uninteresting to really work.

I wouldn’t let this show go on if it was up to me, it is not good or interesting enough to merit any attention. I can feel that it has been a bit of a waste to listen to this album, the time could have been a lot wiser spent than spent listening to this one. But I couldn’t know that before, but I can tell you now so that you can avoid making the same mistake and spent time listening to an album that isn’t very great. Sure, it isn’t too bad but I can’t see that anyone would want an encore.





Label: Fastball Music
Three similar bands: Black Majesty/Dungeon/Stratovarius

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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