Hellsingland Underground
A Hundred Years is Nothing

01. Carnival Beyond The Hills
02. Strangelands
03. Criminal Summer
04. The Blessing & The Curse
05. Rainbow´s Gold
06. Elephant
07. A Hundred Years Is Nothing
08. I Win, You Lose, I Guess
09. Pig Farm
10. From Here To The Grave
11. Bloodlines

Charlie Granberg – Vocals & Syntheseizers
Peter Henriksson – Guitars and vocals
Jerry Ask – Guitars and vocals
Thomas Petterson – Keyboards, piano and syntheseizers
Martin Karlsson – Bass & Vocals
Patrik Jansson – Drums, percussion and vocals

Hellsingland Underground (2008)
Madness & Grace (2010)
Evil Will Prevail (2012)

Understanding Gravity (2016)


Recorded in SubMob Studios in Stockholm with Martin Karlegård
Produced by Charlie Granberg
Backing vocals by Peter Ask recorded in Sawmill Studios, Ljusdal

Released 2019-08-30
Reviewed 2019-08-09


wild kingdom

They are coming up from the underground of the vast forests of Hellsingland in the middle of Sweden and if you view places like Bollnäs, Ljusdal, Edsbyn and those places where time stands still it is easy to think that A Hundred Years is Nothing. But from the perspective of a cat, a human, a mosquito or a racoon it is quite a long time, everything from a whole life to many generations. From the press sheet I tend to read that there is more positivity around Charlie and his underground band mates this time than it was around the time of the previous album where there had been many negative things going on. I guess both positive and negative things can impact the music in a positive way so what about A Hundred Years is Nothing?

It is an album that builds on classic and familiar things, you can recognise the band I guess, but they do their own thing and sounds both familiar and fresh at the same time. I guess it is like the title; you can look at them from many perspectives, all from the retro to the fresh depending on your outlook. The songs show a decent variation with sensible playing time and good depth as well as dynamics even though a bit more tempo could have been beneficial. It is a strong production, and possibly the finest album they have put together so far.

They have several really strong albums so it is not clear-cut but it is certainly a challenger and it is a great album in any which way you look at it. All the songs are really good and selecting a favourite is near impossible for me, the first three might be the strongest tracks but I cannot say for sure as all the tracks are great. I was alluding to the slight weakness I see, more tempo would have been nice but it works quite well as it is. A Hundred Years is Nothing once again showcase how good this band is, they are probably one of the most interesting bands from Sweden.

It is worth checking out, there is a high likelihood that you will find it appealing with enjoyable songs, great atmospheres and attitudes. This underground band is certainly worth a place in the spotlight as they make some great music and A Hundred Years is Nothing certainly underlines that statement. With more albums like this a hundred years will be nothing, and a hundred years will certainly be more enjoyable listening to this album.






Label: Wild Kingdom
Three similar bands:
Neil Young/Pink Floyd/Thin Lizzy
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm

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