1. Heritage
2. Plagues of the North
3. Ritual of the Stars
4. Fairy Veil
5. Mother Holle
6. Preludio
7. Delvcaem
8. Balance of the Universe
9. Voice in the wind
10. Zephyr’s Palace
11. Lady in White

Cesare Capaccioni - Vocal
Michele Brozzi - Guitar
Marco Tanzi - Guitar
Francesco Foti - Bass
Riccardo Perugini - Drums

Revenge of the Phoenix (2014)


Recorded by Cesare Capaccioni at Barfly Studio
Mixed by Ronnie Milianowicz at Studio Seven
Mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios
Cover Artwork by Jahnvision Art on original subject by Alessandro Bacchetta

Released 2019-05-25
Reviewed 2019-06-17

underground symphony

Hellraiser is horror movie that was released quite a while ago and then had several sequels that ended up gradually worse. It is also what a quintet from Italy call their band, a band that is now releasing album number two. They call the album Heritage and it is a conceptual album where the heritage seems to be the combining factor of independent stories, something like that. And I would say that the artwork is rather good as well, not fantastic but good enough to fit in a record shelf. So what about the music then? Will the album be worthy investment?

It is heavy metal or power metal of a fairly usual variety, fairly melodic and catchy in a way that we often hear from albums within this genre. The singer is good, as is the production so the alum offers a very good sound and soundscape. The variation is also rather good and I think the album has a sensible playing time. But it lacks originality and fresh ideas; chances are that more peripheral listener will see this as one more album that sounds more or less the same as many other albums. But I think it has a slight Italian touch, they often have a special sound the Italian band and these guys sounds a little bit Italian to me.

And they do sound quite good, quite catchy and so on. It may not be the most exciting album I have ever heard but it works and the songs are good. It is a nice album to listen to even though it may not show up on any top lists of albums from 2019. The year has given us both better and worse albums than this one. I think that it is a solid album and I don’t think you would be disappointed if you gave it a few spins in the music player or wherever you listen to music.

If you are a fan the power metal or heavy metal you should have a look at this album, it will probably work for you. If you are a more peripheral fan of the genre it may just sound like one more album in an already saturated genre. As a conclusion you could claim that they do stay true to their musical heritage.





Label: Underground Symphony
Three similar bands: Iron Maiden/Seven Gates/Lehmann
Rating: HHHH
HHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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