Heart of a Coward
The Disconnect

1. Down in Ruin
2. Ritual
3. Collapse
4. Culture of Lies
5. In the Wake
6. Senseless
7. Return to Dust
8. Suffocate
9. Parasite
10. Isolation

Kaan Tasan - Vocals
Carl Ayers - Guitars
Steve Haycock - Guitars
Vishal "V" Khetia - Bass
Christopher "Noddy" Mansbridge - Drums

Hope And Hindrance (2012)
Severance (2013)
Deliverance (2015)


Recorded with Justin Hill
Mixed and mastered by Will Putney

Released 2019-06-07
Reviewed 2019-08-31

arising empire

They have a heart of a coward, but do they have the creative bravery of a coward as well. The British band is releasing their fourth album and it features a new vocalist, something that changes the sound of the band somewhat due to the character of the vocalist and he doesn’t sound like a coward. The artwork of this new album is perhaps not cowardly but it isn’t exciting either, just something pretty average.

It is metalcore with plenty of energy and attitude, some rawness and a powerful sound. Solid production, strong vocals are other things that you will notice when listening to this album – the sound could perhaps even be said to be fairly fresh but the songs and that sort of things doesn’t seem particularly original. The playing time is sensible and the variation decent, they probably press the right buttons for the fanatics.

The Disconnect is a pretty good album, the songs are pretty good and the energy really strong. What is lacking are those strong hit songs that makes a good album great, fans of the band will like this one and the same is probably true for the fans of the metalcore genre in general. I really like the rougher and more aggressive stuff of this album but I wish that it also came with some brave stuff and some outside the box thinking rather than the general stuff we so often hear when listening to this genre.

An album that is too good to dismiss but not good enough to really sing praises about. But I think it could be worth checking out, and if you have the heart of a coward there is a pretty good chance that you will find this album pretty appealing.





Label: Arising Empire
Three similar bands: No Consequence/Architects/Monuments

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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