Hazards of Swimming Naked
Take Great Joy

1. There Was Never a Right Time
2. Waiting for 5120
3. Curtis
4. Sofðu unga ástin mín
5. I Don't Know This Road
6. A Loose Thread
7. This Common Thread
8. Accept the Mystery

Adrian Diery - guitars
Cameron Diery - bass
Rick Anzolin - drums
Chris Lait - guitars
Gareth Rigden - guitars
Michael Gagen - guitars

Our Lines Are Down (2009)

Bjarnheiður Kristinsdóttir - voice
Joyce Shek - horn in f
Zinia Chan - piano
Richard Grantham - viola
Alex Mcpherson - cello
Imogen Eve - violin
Inga Francks - violin

Produced by Joss Rigby, Adrian Diery, Chris Lait, Rafal Mikolajczyk
Mixed by Chris and Adrian
Mastered by Adam Dempsey
Cover art by Jon Ernst

Released 2018-11-30
Reviewed 2019-01-31

birds robe

Today we look at those hazards that can arise when swimming naked, something this Australian band knows all about. They offer us their second instalment called Take Great Joy; their first album was released back in 2009 so they have certainly taken their time to put out their second effort. They are an instrumental band but on this album they offer an Icelandic lullaby with vocals just to spice it all up, or something like that. But the question is not whether an Icelandic lullaby is a great addition or not but if it was worth waiting so long for this new album.

Instrumental rock, post-rock, cinematic rock, progressive, that is a way to describe this album using genre descriptions. An Icelandic lady sings a lullaby and does it really well; it is a nice break to the otherwise instrumental album. The production is good and the album is fairly varied with decent depth. It feels well balanced and well thought out, like an album they have worked a lot with, but perhaps not like something they have been working nine years on. And I am not sure it is that much of a standout either, the cover is nice though and they do have a clever name.

It is a well-rounded and a good album, a nice one I think. But it isn’t really a fantastic album. I think that Icelandic lullaby is the best track on the album; really good track that doesn’t really deal with the hazards but you can take great joy from it. I also think the opener is quite memorable. Then I kind of run out of things that really grab my attention, it works but it doesn’t really fly for me and in the end I am not sure that it is an album that makes that much of an impression.

Perhaps an album that you can take great joy from, especially if you are into swimming naked and think about the hazards. If you are a fan of the band you will probably find this album very appealing, I am not sure that you will think it is the album you have been waiting nine years for though. But sure, it is an album that can be worth checking out and especially if you enjoy doing some swimming because then it could be worth knowing about the hazards. Take Great Joy is a very nice album but there are better ones in the instrumental rock genre.







Label: Bird's Robe Records
Three similar bands: Mono/65daysofstatic/Mogwai

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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