The Great Divide
Union Reloaded

1. Rise
2. So Wrong
3. LoveSick Dog
4. Bone
5. Killig Time
6. Divided
7. Heroes
8. Bad Habits
9. Grinder
10. Sleeper

Mauro Pala - vocals
Pier Paolo Cianca - guitar
Gabriele Sorrentino - guitar
Alessio Ripani - bass
Vladimiro Melchiorre - drums



Recorded live in studio at Pensagramma and at Latte +
Mixed and mastered by Gianmarco Bellumori at Wolf Recording Studio
Co-production: Gianmarco Bellumori/Agoge Records/The Great Divide

Released 2019-06-11
Reviewed 2019-07-08

agoge records

Italian band The Great Divide was formed back in 2010 so they have been around for many years already, during that time they have composed songs, played live, and exchanged some members. They did recently sign with Agoge Records and recorded their debut Union Reloaded live in the studio. And as you can guess from the artwork, which looks like they haven’t cared much about at all, it is a digital release only.

Musically it stands in the ranges of what is often described as alternative rock/hard rock/metal, perhaps even with a touch of the grunge in it. Quite simplistic and straightforward in approach and really good performed considering the live in the studio recording. Good vocals, good sound and variation, decent depth – it is an album that sounds fairly fresh despite not really offering up anything we haven’t heard before. Perhaps it is down to the sound being more alive and seemingly more spontaneous than most of the rock music that is being released these days – a bit more in the spirit of rock music than the overproduced soulless nonsense that is the most common these days.

Really good album, you have to enjoy the catchy sense and how it feels quite alive with really good songs and good energy. It is a band that is quite good at what they do, and it is always good with bands that manages to be both fresh while maintaining a familiar sound. They should have a rather wide appeal thanks to this; I think most rock music fans will find this album to be appealing. All the songs are good and none of them stands out as super hits but perhaps that the opening track Rise is something of a standout, and the video track Bone stands out as well. The lack of a vinyl release is a bit of a shame to me, but if they were to make a physical release they really should do something about the cover art as well.

Besides the lack of a physical release to place in the shelf it is a really interesting release that is well worth checking out for anyone enjoying the straightforward rock music. Union Reloaded is a great album and I think you should have a closer look at it.






Label: Agoge Records
Three similar bands: Tesla/Gotthard/Tempesta

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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