Furor Gallico
Dusk of the Ages

1. Passage To A New Life
2. The Phoenix
3. Waterstrings
4. Nebbia Della Mia Terra
5. Canto D’Inverno
6. Starpath
7. Aquane
8. The Sound of Infinity
9. Dusk of the Ages
10. The Gates of Annwn

Gabriel – Guitar/Vocals
Marco – Bass
Mirko – Drums
Becky – Celtic Harp

Furor Gallico (2011)
Songs From the Earth (2015)

Valentina Pucci - Vocals
Laura Brancorsini - Violin
Massimo Volontè - Tin whistle, Low whistle
Ale "Pacho" Rossi - Percussion

Mixed at New Sound Studio, Pfäffikon, Switzerland
Mastered at Fascination Street Studios, Örebro, Sweden
Giorgio Baù - Recording (guitars, bass)
Simone Mularoni - Re-amping
Tommy Vetterli - Mixing
Davide Cicalese - Artwork, Design
Jens Bogren - Mastering
Ralph Salati - Producer
Gabriel Consiglio - Producer
Kris Verwimp - Cover art

Released 2019-01-18
Reviewed 2019-05-31


scarlet records

Italian folk metal heroes Furor Gallico are a very reliable band. They are releasing new albums every four years, 2011, 2015 and now 2019. And they are making well crafted, well produced and solid albums that is certain to appeal to fans of the folkish death metal music. This third album is called Dusk of the Ages and it has an attractive cover and about 56 minutes of music and it is a solid, but also quite unspectacular album with excellent production.

Folkish death metal is the genre, growly vocals with the exception of choirs and female voices that adds depth. There are the regular folk metal influences with strings and other things that belong in the folk music, excellent sound. Very melodic album with decent variation and a good folk music feel to it, but I would say that the album is a bit on the long side, near an hour of playing time isn’t quite up to the band’s ability when it comes to captivating the listener. This may be somewhat down to the fact that they aren’t really breaking new musical ground, not much in terms of original thinking is heard on this album. Anyone knowing Furor Gallico from their past two albums will recognise this as they do the same thing here, the difference is that they have bettered the production and this album has a much finer sound.

Dusk of the Ages is rather good but it will probably be destined for the dust of the ages as it doesn’t really stand out. There are better albums made in the folk metal genre, the likes of Eluveitie is far more interesting than these guys. Their fans will like them though, and they will probably elevate this album to amazing heights. Maybe that is what you do when you don’t get to hear countless albums and play through many of them each day. This album doesn’t really stand out and it feels a bit like Furor Gallico has done before, a solid yet unspectacular album with good songs that are quite easy to like.

A while of enjoying and then forgetting, I think that is how Dusk of the Ages stands up, it is a solid folk metal album but far from the best and far from the most exciting. You who like what Furor Gallico did in the past should not miss this one but for the more peripheral viewer it is difficult to see that Furor Gallico and their latest effort should merit more than a small notation in the scrolls of music history.






Label: Independent
Three similar bandsd: Eluveitie/Falkenbach/Ensiferum

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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