Tropical Sun

01. Voodoo Gore Ritual (instrumental)
02. Tropical Sun
03. Apocalypse Zombie
04. Splatter Fatality
05. Matul Tribal Cult
06. Legion Of The Resurrected
07. Palms By The Cemetery
08. Witch Doctor (instrumental)
09. Genetic Zombification
10. Eye Full Of Maggots
11. Church Of The Undead
12. Blue Inferno
13. Immortality Virus (instrumental)
14. March Of The Living Dead (instrumental)

Dome - Guitar, Synth
Fiore - Vocals
Klem - Bass

Incubus in the Surgery Room / City of the Living Dead (EP 2014)
Opening the Hell Gates (2015)


Artwork by Chris Misanthropic Art
Internal artwork by Danny Bellone

Released 2019-05-31
Reviewed 2019-06-28

time to kill records

You wouldn’t be exaggerating if you called Fulci a zombie metal band; the trio has taken the name from Lucio Fulci and based their albums on his movies. Tropical Sun is their second album and it is based on cult movie Zombi 2, it has even been given a pretty neat artwork and everything and it features fourteen tracks of zombies, voodoo and other stuff.

The music is death metal of the traditional style, guttural growling, aggressive riffing, smattering drums, high paced – those things you usually hear. But the album is spiced up with some zombie infused dialogue that adds a bit of depth and variation. The musical style is not very varied albeit it could be said to be more varied than much of the genre compatriots, traditional death metal is usually as varied and creative as a glass of water or something like that. This is better. I think the production is good as well and the dialogue is quite good.

This is a fun album, quite good and especially compared with other traditional death metallers. Perhaps it is the narrative that makes this album more interesting than many of their peers because musically it doesn’t really offer much fresh or exciting stuff and it contains some death metal silliness but also some good stuff. These guys should appeal to the fans of traditional death metal genre, but chances are that they might appeal to a wider audience as well – I like it and I am not particularly fond of the traditional death metal.

Tropical Sun is a fairly enjoyable album with plenty of zombies and voodoo, perhaps it might even send some shivers down the spine despite the warm weather in that tropical sunshine. Quite agreeable, fairly memorable and a really fine album – even if you don’t really like the traditional kind of death metal it might be a quite appealing album.






Label: Time To Kill Records
Three similar bands: Skinless/Dying Fetus/Mortician

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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