Flying Disk

1. One Way to Forget
2. On the Run
3. Straight
4. Dirty Sky
5. Night Creatures
6. Hammer
7. Young Lizard
8. 100 Days

Simone Calvo - guitars, vocals
Enrico Reineri - drums
Luca Mauro - bass

Circling Further Down (2014)


Recorded and mixed in the summer 2018 by Francesco (El Drago) Martinat in Narzole
Mastered by Marco Canavese in Nadir Studios
Produced by Brigante Records (BRP034), Scatti Vorticosi and Edison Box
Artwork by Luca “Solomacello”

Released 2018-11-27
Reviewed 2019-05-02


forbidden place records

Urgency might not be what I had going when I have been working on this album, it was released quite a while ago but the vinyl edition wasn’t released too long ago. It is the second album by the Italian trio who now give us eight tracks and a cover artwork that is far from the most impressive I have seen. They are described with many genre names like noise rock, stoner, alternative and metal which is something that would seem to indicate that it is a band with some clever ideas or creative thinking not bound by boxes or things like that. Until you realise that all these can describe the same thing, only with different names.

I think hardrock or heavy rock is a good description, eight fairly catchy songs with a decent rock vocalist and a pretty ordinary production is what we are getting. It doesn’t sound very interesting from a creative standpoint, nor does anything on this album stand out. It doesn’t really offer much in terms of variation over the songs either, all eight sounds rather similar to me. It is a good thing that they keep the album short as it would have been a little demanding to play through a long time of songs like this – it would have been a bit boring I think.

Pretty bland, that is how I would describe this album – an insipid collection of songs. Songs that doesn’t really stand out in any way, an album that doesn’t really make much of an impression or impact – I have forgotten it as soon as it ends. Kind of a perfect album for elevator music or any other occasion when you want music that no one would really pay attention to. That of course means that the album isn’t bad or anything, just pretty uninteresting and I feel very indifferent towards it – it doesn’t really do anything at all for me.

Some will probably like this album, some might even love it but I have a hard time even remembering it. So in the end I am not so sure that this album is really worth checking out, at least you don’t really need to muster up much urgency to do so because if it gets sold out before you have the time to check it out it will not be too much of a loss. Urgency is a bland and indifferent creation, in my view Flying Disk need to throw away this album and start anew finding a more interesting approach if they want to be relevant.






Label: Brigante Records/Forbidden Place Records
Three similar bands: Quicksand/Jawbox Aeges/Glassjaw

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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