1. Paralysis
2. Firesoul
3. Grain of Sand
4. Not My Fault
5. Girl in Pearls
6. Tupana
7. Rise Again
8. Desert Winds
9. The Flower and the Leaf
10. We Will Stand

Vivs Takahashi - vocals
Marcelo Kaczorowsky - bass


Mylena Monaco - vocals
Marina La Torraca - vocals

Produced by Raphael Gazal
Cover art by Carlos Fides
Photography is by João Hannuch

Released 2018-11-09
Reviewed 2019-01-27


Brazilian duo FlowerLeaf release their debut album Stronger and album that has been rather well received by some internet reviewers, one said masterpiece and another one gave it 98 %, however you can measure to that level as I have trouble separating four or five out of seven many times. The masterpiece reviewer also gave the album eight of ten for originality, how can an album be original when one out of the top of the mind can think of at least ten bands that sound very similar – that is not original for me. But it seems that some like it even though they have no clue of what they write, but this duo consist of a female vocalist and a guy. They have a decent cover, not fantastic but decent. So what can I say about the music, is it any good?

Musically they are female fronted symphonic metal; there is nothing that stands out from the perspective of style. The vocals are good, as is the production and the album shows the usual variation for an album of this variety. There are also two female guest singers, one does a bit of growling, and that adds a bit more variety to the album. It is an album that is more or less like other albums in this genre, They aren’t exactly an original band and you could probably namedrop a whole lot of bands that sounds very similar to this one, three of seven for originality I guess. Pretty typical for an album of the female fronted symphonic metal not Stronger in terms of imagination I guess.

The album is good, there are stronger ones out there but it is good nonetheless. I like it, as I usually like female fronted melodic metal albums. The problem is that I like several other similar albums a lot better, their issue is the lack of originality and the obvious risk of being drowned in the massive stream of albums that are being released all the time – you need something to set you apart from the rest and that is something these guys don’t have. I also think that they are missing a distinct hit song, something that draws you towards the album, something that makes you want to return to it. They do what they do well but many others do it better which is why they receive a rating in the middle of the scale.

Stronger is a good debut by an interesting new band. They have all the ingredients to be really interesting and make something really good, they don’t quite reach all the way with this album but they might be bolder in the future. More imagination wouldn’t have been detrimental to the strength of the album stronger, it is a good but not a very memorable album.





Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Nightwish/Exit Eden/Visionatica

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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