Fateful Finality

1. Time has come (Intro)
2. Fire and Brimstone
3. The Raid
4. Wreckage of the Flush
5. Expect your Executor
6. The Breed the Dead
7. Rot
8. Venomous
9. Moonchild (bonus track)
10. Overkill (Hidden track)

Simon Schwarzer - Guitars, Vocals
Patrick Prochiner - Guitars, Vocals
Mischa Wittek - Drums
Philipp Mürder - Bass

Fateful Finality (EP 2009)
King of Torture (2011)
Battery (2015)
Mankind (2017)


Recorded, mixed & mastered by Chris Schäfer @ CLS-multimedia
Produced by Chris Schäfer & Simon Schwarzer
Artwork & Design by Thomas Bernhardt

Released 2019-10-11
Reviewed 2019-10-21

fastball music

Fateful Finality releases their fourth album; it offers stories of the seven deadly sins and sports a very detailed and very good artwork. It comes in a nice digipak and would probably be even better in a vinyl version; the name of the album is Executor. The band was founded in 2007; they released a debut EP in 2009 and the debut album in 2011. They are compared with many bands of the thrash metal, death metal, groove metal genres and in the press material it says that they have strong individuality and compositional cleverness. They are also said to be a band of guys who have been friends since kindergarten, so what about it?

Stylistically it is like I have been alluding to, groovy thrash or death metal with decent energy. The individuality and compositional cleverness is not something I hear when listening to this album, and the production isn’t the most impressive I have heard – I guess you could describe it as pretty average. The vocalist is also quite average, okay but nothing that stands out. The album is quite short and to the point, which is a positive thing as the album isn’t exactly varied, and it doesn’t have much depth. You could claim that it is a solid production but not a very original production.

Executor is an okay album for most parts, nothing really bad about it. The problem is that many bands in this and other genres have put together okay albums and there isn’t much about this album that stands out. It lacks a real standout hit track and it lacks originality and depth. Fans of the genre or similar bands might find the album appealing but on the wider scale I think it is doomed to be lost in the masses of album being released all the time as there isn’t much that sets these guys apart. One question is if the covers are indicative of anything, they aren’t great in any regard.

Cool artwork, less cool music – that is probably the best way that I can summarise this album. It is a solid but very unspectacular album, not one that I will recommend as there are so many albums that are much better and more interesting than this one. Of course you could enjoy this album if you like the similar bands but the probability is also high that it is an album that will be lost among the masses of albums released every day and every year. So in the end I guess the conclusion is that you could check it out if you like the similar bands, otherwise there are better choices.





Label: Fastball Music
Three similar bands: Machine Head/Testament/Lamb of God
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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