Starscape 2.019

1. Point of Origin
2. Unveiling the Mystery
3. Legend of Keshara
4. The return of Planet ‘X’
5. Deviant
6. Lightspeed Evolution
7. Starscape
8. Capsule
9. Birth of Horus
10. Space Symphony

James Fogarty - All instruments, Vocals

Battle Furies (1997)
Starscape (1999)
Land of Fog (2003)
Radio Ixtlan (2004)
Conspiritus (2005)
Return to the Land of Fog (EP 2006)
Back to Beyond (2013)
Cosmic Man (2017)
Battle Furies 2.017 (2017)
DISClose (2019)


Produced by James Fogarty
Mastering by Kjetil Ottersen
Artwork by Lenny Bridgeman

Released 2019-09-23
Reviewed 2019-09-19

death to music productions

Busy year for James Fogarty’s one-man-show Ewigkeit, with one album earlier this year and now another one, I didn’t have time to write about the first one so I write about this. It is a remake of the now 20-year-old album Starscape that was released in 1999. An album large in it's scope and ambition, but with an almost unlistenably poor sound quality according to the press material. So it might be wise to make a new recording with better sound quality.

It is black metal of the epic and symphonic kind, I was actually thinking about the epicness when listening to it. The production is modern, the vocals are black metal and the variation is pretty decent with a playing time that seems rather sensible. The theme is about space, dark memories and unknown futures, that kind of thing. This would have been a sensation if released in 1999 sounding like this but it wasn’t and twenty years later it just doesn’t seem as exciting but it sounds like an album that could work for more than just the black metal fanatics.

This is a good album; starscapes and things make for a good showing. A good artwork also makes it interesting. The thing missing might be something that makes it stand out, something that makes you want to return to the album over and over. So the verdict might be that it is a good album but that it isn’t the most memorable one, but compared with most of the black metal I hear I would describe it as pretty good and amongst those black metal it is certainly one of the more accessible ones I have heard lately.

Ewigkeit does well, the album is good and if you like black metal I can recommend that you have a look at it. It may not go down as well amongst fans of other metal genres but it isn’t unthinkable that it works for them as well. I think that Ewigkeit has put together a nice album and a starscape that could be worth visiting, and it is probably a lot better than the original was – too bad this wasn’t released like this back in 1999, then it would have been groundbreaking.






Label: Death To Music Productions
Three similar bands: In The Woods/Old Forest/Jaldaboath

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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