Eva Can't

1. Februus
2. Vermiglia
3. Candele
4. Febbraio
5. Finale

Simone Lanzoni - guitars, vocals
Diego Molina - drums
Luigi Iacovitti - guitars
Andrea Maurizzi - bass

L'Enigma Delle Ombre (2010)
Inabisso (2011)
Hinthial (2014)

Gravatum (2017)



Released 2019-02-15
Reviewed 2019-05-10

my kingdom music

Febbraio is the release that celebrates, or closes, the first decade for Italian band Eva Can’t. It is a five-track EP with songs that nods back to the four albums they have released before this EP; Hallowed has reviewed one of them. The latest album Gravatum was well received by us, so how about this new one?

Those who know the band from before will recognise the style of music, not quite fitting into any format but modern metal, a bit progressive and theatrical – music with a somewhat dramatic undertone I think. The vocals are Italian, which is really nice as it is a very fine language to sing in. The songs are varied and I would say that it is good depth in the songs, although as it is fairly varied and few tracks it may seem a bit fragmented or incoherent to some. I think the vocals are good, although the few growly bits aren’t very impressive. The sound is nice and I would say that the production is fairly good but not a standout production.

Good EP, good songs, good melodies, good energy, strong vocals and a dramatic feel to everything. I think Eva Can’t does really well here and puts forth a strong production for their fifth release, but perhaps that they are lacking that little extra that makes good albums great. They do put forth strong melodies and ideas but the EP format is a bit detrimental here as the 25 minutes it plays for isn’t enough to tie it all together into as complete a package as it could have been if they had made an album by adding two or three more songs.

Those who liked the previous album Gravatum will certainly like this EP; it is better in most regards with better songs and stronger soundscapes. I think it deserves to be checked out, this EP could win them some new fans even though I think they should have made an album instead. So if you like Eva Can’t or just enjoy something that at least tries to think outside the box this is an EP you really ought to give a chance, there is a distinct possibility that you will like it.






Label: My Kingdom Music
Three similar bands: In Tormentata quiete/Malnatt/Mors tua
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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