Eternal Storm
Come the Tide

1. Through the Wall of Light Pt.I (The Strand)
2. Through the Wall of Light Pt.II (Immersion)
3. Detachment
4. The Mountain
5. Of Winter and Treason
6. Drifters
7. The Scarlet Lake
8. Embracing Waves

Mateo Novati - Drums, additional vocals (growls)
Daniel Maganto - Guitars, additional vocals (growls), keyboard composition
Kheryon - Bass, lead vocals
Jaime Torres - Guitars, additional vocals (clean/growls), keyboard composition

From the Ashes (EP 2013)

Javier Fernández - Keyboards, synthesizers & programming
Migueloud Ontivero - Additional vocals
Christopher Baque-Wildman - Additional vocals
Manuel Mendoza - Saxophone
Ben C. Read - Additional vocals
Fredrik Huldtgren - Additional vocals
Fiar - Additional vocals

Engineered and mixed by Carlos Santos at Sadman Studio, Madrid. Assistant engineer: Irene Génova.
Mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios
Produced by Eternal Storm & Carlos Santos
Music by Jaime Torres & Eternal Storm
Lyrics by Jaime Torres (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, Kheryon (4, 7) and Daniel Maganto (5, 8)
Artwork and layout by Leoncio Harmr
Band photography by Sergio Albert Avilés

Released 2019-08-23
Reviewed 2019-09-25

transcending obscurity

Eternal Storm, that sounds rather dramatic and it is a pretty good name for a metal band. They are from Spain and this dramatic looking album is their debut album and it is called Come the Tide. I like the cover and it is said that they have worked hard to make an immaculate creation where they have taken in all aspects like the great cover, the production and everything, the result certainly looks good. But does it sound as good as it looks?

It is death metal where they maintain a balance between the melodic and the heavy, and there are some progressive touches as well. Think of bands like Opeth, Katatonia or Insomnium and you have a decent frame of reference even though I think the band has found a style that feels rather fresh and quite original, at least compared with much of the stuff released these days. The production is strong and the songs show good variation, there are eight songs and the playing time is about an hour. And it is an hour that flies by rather quickly when listening to this album.

Come the Tide is a really good album, it has the songs, the depth, and the melodies – just about everything you need from a good album. It may lack that outright brilliant hit song but it is the whole of the album that can be seen as the real strength here, how the eternal storm blows in the tide that smashes all the pathetic dull albums that keeps popping up all over and shows that it is still possible to stand out and make something really interesting in the death metal genre today.

Eternal Storm comes through here with a great debut, they have released an EP and a split before this one but that isn’t the same. I don’t think there are any real weaknesses just strong songs and a great musical sense of adventure that comes with the tide. It may not be quite as sharp as the absolute highlights but it could be a candidate for the top ten list of the year but that ultimately depends on what other albums I get from now and to the end of the year. The ending conclusion is therefore that this debut by Eternal Storm is a great album that is well worth checking out.






Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Three similar bands: De Profundis/Opeth/Insomnium
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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