On Light and Wrath

01. Turn of The Wheel
02. Last Moon of March
03. The Beginning
04. Poet’s Tears
05. Near Life Experience
06. Alma
07. Downfall to Power
08. Hide Me
09. Deception (Since you Lied)
10. Once Upon a Lie
11. From the Ashes

Rute Fevereiro - Vocals and growls
Bruno Santos - Guitar
Fernando Barroso - Bass
Fernando Campos - Guitar
Pedro Antunes - Piano, Keys and Orchestrations
Bruno Guilherme - Drums

Moonlighting The Dreamer (EP 2005)
Dark Rising (2012)


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Fernando Matias at the Pentagon Audio Manufacturers
Album cover by ​Phobos Anomaly Design

Released 2019-05-24
Reviewed 2019-06-01


inverse records

It is about light and wrath when Enchantya release a new album, fitting stuff in times when people seem to feel wrath about many little things. Like pointless albums, as I would describe the band’s debut album from 2012 an album that I had to read my own review about to know how it sounded. And then I had to sample a pair of songs just to better my memories and to compare; I had forgotten that album, as it was rather pointless and quite boring. Long time has passed since then though and the members have had time to reflect and hopefully grow as musicians and persons.

This new album is similar to the previous one when comparing style. Gothic metal with some symphonic touches, female vocals, some growly vocals, strong melodies and that sort of thing with strong sound and production they are easily appealing. I think the sound is much better than the predecessor, much better flow and feel and the female vocals feel much stronger here as well. The growls and those things are really bad though, just like on the previous album. The elements of the more extreme metallic overall lets the album down and fails to add the depth it is supposed to. Still, the variation is quite good and if they had removed the extremer additions and growls it would probably been good in terms of playing time as well. Now it feels a little long but not too much. Good depth despite some poor elements and it seems as though the band has evolved quite a bit since the debut, but they do have a long way to go if they want to be relevant.

Pretty good overall, there are some really poor elements but the album is good overall. The songs are strong and there are some melodies, some choruses and passages that are close to magical. I just wish they had done away with the growly stuff, I wonder how they can listen and think that; “hey, this is quite good” when it really sucks. But they do show that they have something rather special and if the elements align for them, they will be capable to put together something rather magical. This is not that album though, things do not align very well here and I end up more positive than negative even though there are some really terrible things on this album, but the good things are more and better.

Those who liked the previous album by Enchantya are bound to like this one as well, they will probably think that this is even better and probably describe it as outstanding or something like that. If you like the female fronted, the gothic stuff, then you are most likely going to find this one appealing as well – it is a well made album overall. Enchantya has taken steps forwards with this new album, On Light and Wrath is probably a logical next step for Enchantya – the next step has potential to be even better, if they go in the right direction from here. Loose the growler and you are halfway there.






Label: Inverse Records
Three similar bands: Black Widow/Epica/Kittie

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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