Electric Guitars
10 Songs 10 Cities

1. Rock n' Roll Radio
2. False Flag Operation
3. Lucy Glow
4. White Flag
5. Swagman
6. Back To You
7. Running Out Of Time
8. Day Off
9. The Man From Outer Space
10. The Thinner The Eyebrow The Crazier The Woman

Søren Andersen - Guitar & Vocal
Mika Vandborg - Guitar & Vocal
Peter Kjøbsted - Bass & Backing Vocal
Morten Hellborn - Drums & Backing Vocal

Electric Guitars (2014)
String Fever (2015)
Rock'n'Roll Radio (2017)


Mixed by Soren Andersen at Medley Studio, Copenhagen

Released 2019-12-06
Reviewed 2019-12-19


mighty music

Now it is time for some electric guitars, those that are a prominent part of the sound of the band that calls itself Electric Guitars. This Danish band makes album that looks more or less the same and they sound rather similar as well. This is their fourth album release and it is a live release with ten songs from ten cities and according to the press release it is mixed in a traditional way. But what about it? Is it any good and is there really a point in releasing a traditional live album, especially with a story as short as the one this band has. I have always thought that live releases should signify something special, a special show, a special occasion, some anniversary, to name a few examples, just releasing one feels meaningless to me.

The style is rock music, guitar driven, hard rock perhaps with simple and straightforward songs. This band performs music in a style that is easy to take to and to like, and it is music that is good for a live show. And they perform well it seems, but the live kind of feel is sometimes a bit amiss from this album and I kind of forget that I am listening to a live release. The album isn’t very varied either, the opening Rock’n’Roll Radio is a good hit song that opens it but it starts feeling a bit repetitive towards the end. It doesn’t really deviate much from what the band has done before; it feels almost like the new studio album but with worse production and songs they have already used already.

I am not impressed, it is a pretty good live album with sound that is fine; but it is also a really boring release that doesn’t really offer anything of interest to their catalogue that was better without this album. They could have waited and made a live album with more diverse material to select from, or they could have tried to make something different but in the end they made one more rather typical live album. There are already millions of live releases out there, many that don’t set the world alight, why do we need one more? I don’t think we do.

If you like Electric Guitars you might find that you like this one as well, but I think these guys should be more than competent enough to make something a lot more interesting than this one for a new release. I would much rather have seen a good new studio release than this nonsense that doesn’t offer anything that hasn’t already been released by these guys. I think that one could have a bit higher expectations on a band like this; I don’t think this one is worth investing in.






Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: D-A-D/White Lion/Mike Tramp

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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