Electric Boys
The Ghost Ward Diaries

1. Hangover In Hannover
2. There She Goes Again
3. You Spark My Heart
4. Love Is A Funny Feeling
5. Gone Gone Gone
6. Swampmotofrog
7. First The Money, Then The Honey
8. Rich Man, Poor Man
9. Knocked Out By Tyson
10. One Of The Fallen Angels

Conny Bloom - guitar and vocals
Andy Christell - bass
Franco Santunione - guitar
Niclas Sigevall - drums
Jolle Atlagic - drums

Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride (1990)
Groovus Maximus (1992)
Freewheelin' (1994)
And Them Boys Done Swang' (2011)
Starfight (2014)



Released 2018-11-23
Reviewed 2019-03-07

mighty music

Here is an album that has been lying around for quite some time gathering dust in the music player without really getting any chance to make a sound in the speakers or headphones. But now I have finally ended up giving it a lot of playing time. It is the sixth album from this band and we did review their 2011 effort that got a good rating from our reviewer. The band has been considered cult among funk rockers and they released their debut back in 1990 and then disbanded after three albums in 1994, then reformed to release a new album in 2011 and then another one in 2014 – this is number six for the Swedish band.

Stylewise they are perhaps not as funky as some earlier stuff, it is more like the style I use to call retro rock. Classic rock with a bit of groove and lots of energy and catchiness and it feels like something looking back and copying past musical glories rather than thinking up something new and exciting. Nostalgic is probably a good word to describe the style. Good melodies and production though, I really like the sound even though it is as imaginative as grey paint on a prison wall. The variation over the album is quite good as well and as it also combines with energy and vitality it is not too easy to get very bored with it and the album will probably not feel to long for you. It has ten tracks that starts with a hangover and ends with a fallen angel.

The tracks are good; the album is good with plenty of sting and energy – lots of groove. It is a fairly enjoyable album I think and I would imagine that fans of the retro rock style would find it very appealing. Their vitality and energy helps you to overlook the lack of ideas quite a lot and in the end I think this album has to be considered as rather good one. But it is not very memorable; I guess the tracks are as memorable as being knocked out by Tyson, kind of.

Memorable or not, this album is fairly enjoyable to listen to and its energy might be helpful shovelling snow on a day like today when that white annoyance just keeps falling from the sky creating the need to remove it to park the car. So, I guess you could describe it as a very solid effort that should go down well with all those who likes their music without ideas, and they are quite a few. Ghost Ward Diaries isn’t the most exciting thing I have ever heard but I would say that it sounds rather good and can definitely be an album worth playing through a few times.





Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers/Hanoi Rocks/Aerosmith

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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