1. Viva La Victoria
2. Mary Leigh
3. Blood Wants Blood
4. Shelter Me
5. United
6. Delirious
7. When The Winter Ends
8. .38 Or .44
9. Never Gonna Be Like You
10. The Masquerade
11. Take Me Home

Erik Mårtensson - Vocals, guitars
Magnus Henriksson - Guitars
Philip Crusner - Drums
Magnus Ulfstedt - Bass

The Truth And A Little More (2001)
Second to None (2004)
Are You Ready to Rock (2008)
Bleed & Scream (2012)
Armageddonize (2015)
Monumentum (2017)



Released 2019-10-11
Reviewed 2019-11-21


Eclipse return with their seventh album, Paradigm is what they call it. And it is an album that sticks with their own paradigm with a cover true to form and music true to the form they have established. Mårtensson and his band don’t really change anything if you compare with the previous album. It looks and sounds like an album by Eclipse.

Energetic, melodic and catchy hard rock or heavy metal with excellent production and catchy choruses is what we are treated to when taking on this album. There are no surprises; they tick the same boxes as they did last time around and the time before that. The guitar playing is great with some virtuosity and style, the vocals are great as well, Mårtensson always sings excellently on the Eclipse albums that I have heard. You will probably notice the strong choruses first when listening to this and other Eclipse albums, and they certainly know how to make convincing choruses. The variation is also good through the album and the playing time sensible, they know that you should always leave the fans wanting to hear more. They seem to be perfecting their craft for every album they produce, so while they might not be particularly original they are at least experts on what they do.

This is a very enjoyable album all the way from the first to the last songs, it is so good that you don’t even care that they are about as original as Donald Trump is intelligent which of course means not at all if you were wondering. But when it sounds this good you don’t really care about looking for flaws even though that is one of the things I should be doing as a critic. One thing I do know that is a slight negative is that I know from the previous albums that Eclipse is quite great to listen to but you quickly forget about them when not listening, the albums aren’t very memorable despite their catchiness.

Paradigm is an enjoyable album that is worth checking out, it is hard to argue against tracks like Viva La Victoria and other great tracks of this album. Eclipse fans will find it both brilliant and familiar and I doubt that anyone can dislike an album like this; it presses all the right buttons to appeal to anyone hearing it. I guess you could say that the paradigm of Eclipse is certainly worth looking into, a great album plain and simple.




Label: Frontiers Records
Three similar bands: White Lion/Helloween/Europe
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm

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