Dream Boogie
Sorry to Disappoint all Music Lovers

01. Pirlo
02. At the Heart of Seoul
03. A Boy Can Dream
04. Surf Green
05. Television Will Not Be Revolutionized
06. A Letter to the King
07. Will There Ever Be a Rainbow?
08. Good Boys Don't Stop the Music
09. Shanghai Nights
10. The Right Way, The Wrong Way and the Way We Do It
11. Shu Bop
12. Where I Turn
13. Bullets

Ísak Ásgeirsson - vocals, bass
Lars Löfgren - vocals, guitar
Patrik Larsson - vocals, drums


Hans Rhodin - guitars on track 6
Katthem - vocals on track 4

Recorded at Studio Music A Matic, Gothenburg, Sweden by Dream Boogie and Hans Rhodin
Mixed by Patrick Ackre Larsson and Lars Ludvig Löfgren
Mastered by Jonas Westin

Released 2019-04-12
Reviewed 2019-03-17

sounds of subterrania

Dream Boogie from Sweden doesn’t seem too confident in their debut album apologising to music lovers for the disappointment. It is an album with thirteen tracks some with titles longer than their playing time. Other than that I like cover art and can tell you that the album starts with a midfielder and ends up with some bullets, the band is from Gothenburg and the question is whether or not they do disappoint the music lovers?

Garage rock, garage punk or garage pop are descriptions that I have seen thrown around when it comes to this album. Pretty simple in terms of style and production, with straightforward songs and a sound that is quite rough around the edges. Decent depth and variation, the album is short and to the point with a playing time of around half an hour and songs that are quite short. It also an energetic album with some finesse, well performed and solid and I guess that they have nothing to be sorry about – the music lovers will probably find this most agreeable.

I like Dream Boogie and their album, they claim to be sorry to disappoint all music lovers and I have to wonder why they are sorry, as I am not disappointed. This album is good with good songs, it is easy to like and I like their rough sound and energy. I like songs like the opener Pirlo and Shu Bop as more memorable than the tracks of the album, but all the tracks work fine and I would claim that the weakest point is perhaps their lack of originality, we have heard this kind of music many times before. Not even their name is unique, a simple web search revealed an Australian band called Dream Boogie – but who cares? It is quite good nevertheless.

I think this album works, it may not be considered among the best when the year is to be summarised but it is good nonetheless. So, if you like more honest and rougher garage rock it could be an album worth checking out, there is a good chance that you will enjoy it.






Label: Sound of Subterrania/Cargo/Finetunes
Three similar bands: The Strokes/The Buzzcocks/The Stooges

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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