Masters of the Multiverse

01. Flame Of Tar Valon
02. If It Bleeds We Can Kill It
03. Grey Wardens
04. Defenders
05. Fallen Star
06. Angels On Neon Wings
07. Days Of High Adventure
08. Evermore
09. The Iron Price
10. Eternia Eternal (The Masters Of The Multiverse)
11. The Touch [CD only Bonustrack]

Siegfried Samer – Vocals
Manuel Hartleb – Keyboards
Frederic Brünner – Drums
Simon Saito – Guitars
Herbert Glos – Bass
Andreas Poppernitsch – Guitars

ILegends (2012)
Shadowplay (2015)
Lords of the Hunt (EP 2017)

Tommy Johansson - guitar
Ross Thompson - vocals
Nora Bendzko - vocals

Mastered at Finnvox Studios

Released 2019-10-12
Reviewed 2019-09-24



Dragony can only be the name of something from the power metal genre, probably of the epic and symphonic kind with choirs and grand arrangements. Glory Metal is their own genre description according to the press sheet from label LMP who used to come up with some great genre descriptions like Epic Symphonic Hollywood metal mastered by the grand masters Rhapsody. Masters of the Multiverse is their third album; they also have an EP in the discography. They started as The Dragonslayer Project in 2007 but changed to Dragony in 2011 and the debut was released in 2012.

Stylistically they fit into the power metal genre, the epic and somewhat symphonic version of the genre. They have grand arrangements, strong production, choirs, epic metal hymns and that kind of thing. It is silly and ridiculous in a way but it doesn’t feel too serious which is always a good thing when doing heroic music about heroic adventures and that kind of thing. There aren’t too many surprises or much original thinking but they still have their own sound and the album feels relatively fresh without offering anything earth-shattering. They press the right buttons for the genre, it is epic and just about enough over the top to avoid being stupid, I think it is an album that displays what epic power metal is all about – heroic metal.

Sure this album is ridiculous in more ways than one but you cannot just overlook the excellent choruses that you want to sing along with every time, and the fact that the songs are really good. It is definitely a really good album, it shows how you should do to make something that stands out a bit without really breaking new ground – a new album that actually feels fresh isn’t the most common thing these days but Dragony manages it and if you enjoy the power metal genre you should certainly give the Austrians a chance as it seems like they know more about multiverses than most of us do.

They also end the CD-version with a bonus track that is a cover of Stan Bush’s The Touch and it is an excellent ending that kind of summarise the quality of this album. A ridiculously great power metal album with epic songs, with metal hymns that outshine most in the genre and an album that really shows what epic power metal is all about. Silly, funny, great and epic – I think it is no exaggeration to call this band masters of the Glory Metal genre, as this is a really glorious release. Don’t miss it!




Label: Limb Music
Three similar bands: Blind Guardian/Stratovarius/Rhapsody

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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