Dizzy Mystics

1. Letter
2. Shindigjig
3. Fallasophy
4. The Frequent See, Consistent Seas
5. The Anti-Dream
6. The Scythe Pendulum Swing
7. Diamond Duller
8. Jaunter
9. Rester (Analog Chameleon)
10. Wanderlost

Kyle Halldorson - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin
Jeff Laird - Drums
Alexandre Joyal - Guitar
Aaron Bacon - Bass


Kelsey Halldorson, Gerrit Delaquis, and Paula DaCosta - Guest vocals on "Diamond Duller"
Aaron Edgar - drums

Produced by Kyle Halldorson
Mixed by John Paul Peters (Private Ear Recording, Winnipeg)
Mastered by Ed Brooks (Resonant Mastering, Seattle)
Artwork by Ben Duncan

Released 2019-05-03
Reviewed 2019-07-03


Today we look at some dizzy mystics from the province of Manitoba in Canada, the quartet is from Winnipeg and they offer the debut album Wanderlost. It is an album wandering in directions both well travelled and less travelled; it does so over ten tracks. The cover is quite nice as well; green and everything that kind of makes you want to look closer on what is inside.

The recipe for Dizzy Mystics debut album has some ingredients and would be something like this: a few cups of psychedelic and progressive, about equal measures. Add to that a cup of seventies metal and then a few teaspoons of jazz, funk, folk and soul. With a dash of pepper the recipe is complete, more or less. The sound is rather good though perhaps not the absolute top-notch production that we hear from some of the more established bands but it is still a very good production. And the vocals are good through the entire album, the variation as well, it is an album that offers a rather fresh sound and not just makes up the numbers.

Good album with nice complexities and still easy to get into with some dizzying mysticisms and dramatic ideas. The songs are really good and there is lots of depth that gives longevity to the music. It is an album without any major flaws, I think it presses all the right buttons and offers something that we haven’t heard too many times before. Sure it is familiar in many way but the mystics think outside the box and offers something a it more exciting than most albums I get to review, I like it that they want to do more than just add to the numbers of stereotypical albums.

It seems like you need some dizzy mystics in order to get music that do more than just conform to established parameters. Wanderlost offers some musical wanderlust through exciting musical landscapes, you should really check out this album as it comes highly recommended. The only thing I could somewhat miss is a standout hit song but as all the songs are really good and I would describe this album as fresh and creative, don’t miss it.






Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Tool/Primus/Frank Zappa

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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