Denner's Inferno
In Amber

1. Matriarch
2. Fountain of Grace
3. Up and On
4. Sometimes
5. Taxman (Mr. Theif)
6. Veins of The Night
7. Run for Cover
8. Pearls on A String
9. Loser
10. Castrum Doloris

Michael Dennis Denner – guitar
Flemming Tranberg – bass
Chandler Mogel – vocals
Bjarne T. Holm - drums

Fountain of Grace (EP 2019)



Released 2019-11-15
Reviewed 2019-12-17

mighty music

The Denner name is probably a well-known one in the metal communities; he has been heard in bands like Mercyful Fate and King Diamond and done many other things as well. We reviewed Denner’s Trickbag a few years ago and now it is time for his Inferno and the debut album In Amber. Not a particularly brilliant artwork has been constructed for this album, I would not say that it looks very exciting and the music goes very much in a nostalgic direction, but a positive surprise there is how good Outload vocalist Chandler Mogel sounds in this band.

Nostalgic is probably the first thought that comes to mind when listening through In Amber, in a way it is like looking in the rear-view mirror. The sound is classic yet with a modern touch, I like the sound and the atmospheres that are produced for this album. An album you can compare with many band’s styles, I have seen comparisons with the likes of Candlemass but Denner’s own project is also good if you want to make a mental picture – and many others as it isn’t exactly an original creation we are looking at here. But it is pretty varied, and the playing time is sensible, that is always a good thing.

The album itself is a good thing; I like the atmosphere and feeling but the album lacks a strong hit song that draws you towards it. Something like that would have added a lot to the overall picture of this album. Now it is more like it is too good to receive a poor rating and not quite good enough for the higher ratings, it is stuck in the middle. A solid effort that will appeal to those with a nostalgic disposition but not be as exciting for those who prefer to look forward instead of backward, it is an album that most likely will work well for the intended fans whom I recommend to have a look at it.

For you who enjoy the music as it were, it is classic hardrock with good atmospheres and good songs. They don’t really come up with anything we haven’t heard before but if you are okay with listening to the same kind of music all the time it is a good bet to think that you will like this album. Denner’s Inferno gives us a good debut, but I think they could have dared a bit more and made some songs that are more adventurous, perhaps that will happen next time.





Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: Mercyful Fate/King Diamond/Denner's Trickbag

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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