Danger Zone
Don't Count on Heroes

1. Demon Or Saint
2. Faster Than Love
3. Somewhere Out There
4. Destiny
5. Down To Passion
6. Rise Again
7. Hang On To Your Heart
8. Forever Now
9. Rolling Thunder
10. Breakaway
11. Eternity

Giacomo Gigantelli - Vocals
Roberto Priori - Lead Guitars
Paolo Palmieri - Drums
Matteo Minghetti - Bass
Danilo Faggiolino - Guitars
Pier Mazzini - Piano & Keyboards

Victim of Time (EP 1984)
Line of Fire (2011)
Undying (2012)

Closer To Heaven (2016)


Produced by Roberto Priori and Jody Gray

Released 2019-10-18
Reviewed 2019-10-04


pride & joy

When you are in the danger zone, don’t count on heroes as they are rarely there or reliable in such situations, perhaps it could be better to avoid the danger zone altogether. The Italian band called Danger Zone returns with their fourth album in a career spanning back to the eighties, though they have been most productive this last decade. Don’t Count on Heroes is what they call their latest album and it looks better than the previous two, but does it sound better?

Melodic hardrock or AOR if you like, catchy with distinct choruses, pretty energetic with a bit more edge than most melodic hardrock, that is what is being offered by this album. Decent vocal performance is there, pretty good production – it is a good thing that they allow the sound to be a bit rough around the edges. The vocals are also a bit rough for the melodic hard rock and that suits pretty well too. When looking at the songs you will notice that they are along the same lines as most bands doing similar music and originality is not a word you would used in connection with Danger Zone and Don’t Count on Heroes as it doesn’t sound particularly original in any sense of the way. The lack of a fresh sound could be slightly detrimental and perhaps make the album seem a bit dull and repetitive when having played it once or twice.

The previous two albums by Danger Zone that we have reviewed were given a rating in the middle of our scale and that is how I see this one as well. It is a good album, the songs are good and catchy, the energy is fine, and the same can be said about the vocals and the sound but on balance it feels like an album that isn’t very memorable. It could be described as a solid effort, no major flaws or anything like that but a bit forgettable. I have seen that a few reviewers have given very strong reviews for this album, I can understand that but I wonder how many of those positive reviewers will remember this album a year from now – I think very few.

If you like the melodic hardrock, and especially the edgier side of it could have a look at this album, it is a decent chance that you will like it. I think that it is a solid effort but it isn’t a very exciting album and it gives that sense of something we have heard before, it lacks an outstanding hit song or an original approach. Good enough to enjoy but probably not good enough to remember. I would have to say that the answer is no.






Label: Pride & Joy Music
Three similar bands: Gotthard/Bonfire/Hardline

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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