Nourished by Blood

1. Intro
2. Bleeding By The Beast
3. Field Of Corpses
4. Sleep Paralysis
5. Notzucht der Hexe
6. The Holy Priest
7. Shrunken Head Necklace
8. War Is My Inspiration
9. Blind Eyes
10. God Gives
11. You Don't Leave Me Alive
12. Ghostbusters

Andy Konnerth – Vocals
Stephan Becker – Guitar
Jona Becker – Guitar
Sascha Schekanski – Bass
Timo Claas – Drums

Kill Complete (2002)
Wrath of the Ungod (2004)
Killing Room (EP 2016)
Lucifer Gave The Faith (2017)


Recorded at the Becker Studio Marburg/Gießen
Mastered by Andre Skopko

Released 2019-04-05
Reviewed 2019-06-09

mdd records

Nourished by blood German death metallers Corrosive returns with their fourth album, an album that continues a story that begun more than 20 years ago. The first album was released in 2002 so you cannot really claim that they are the most diligent band out there but they seem to be true to their objective to make death metal of the traditional kind. You have to respect the commitment of these bands but at the same time it is hard to be impressed if the metal is corroded, so what about this album?

Death metal of a traditional flavour, Swedish traditional bands comes to mind when I think of how to compare them with others. The growling is of the guttural kind and the smattering of the drums is familiar, as are the riffs and everything else. There are no surprises for the one listening to this album and the songs are of the usual variety, as is the sound. The album is a bit long with almost fifty minutes of playing time, I would say that fifteen minutes less would have benefitted the overall impression of this album, there is too much and too long this I hear when I listen right now – it feels like the album never ends.

Not bad, the songs are okay, the sound is okay, the overall sense is okay so it is not a bad album. It works pretty well but at the same time it is a rather dull album, without surprises and without any real highlights. Mediocre is probably a good way to describe this alum, less than exciting. You have to be a massive death metal fan or just wanting to listen to plenty of death metal albums to really get anything of value from this album because otherwise it is pretty forgettable.

These guys do their thing and they will probably be appealing to some, like those who enjoyed Corrosive’s earlier works. So if you are one of those it is a good album to check out, otherwise it is probably just a waste of time. Perhaps the death metal is a bit corroded and frail, it isn’t really the most exciting album I have ever heard in my life. So the conclusion is that if you are as much of a death metal fanatic as this band it would be a good choice for you.






Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Vomitory/Bloodbath/Grave

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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