Climate of Fear
The Onset of Eternal Darkness

01. Rapture
02. The Cult of Retribution
03. Shadow & Flame
04. Centuries of Torment
05. Storming the Heavens
06. De Conflctu Noctis Aeternae Obruat
07. Slaves of Capital
08. From Enslavement to Extinction
09. Divide & Conquer

Owen Derrill - Bass
Alfie Armour - Guitar
Paul Williams - Vocals
George Bigneil - Drums
Sam Ellis Thompson - Guitar

Holy Terror (EP 2018)

Tommy Johansson - vocals tr. 4
Paul Logue - narration tr. 7
Patrik Selleby - vocals tr. 10

Recorded by Ronny Milianowicz
Mastered by Fascination Street Studios
Artwork by by Thomas Holmstrand

Released 2019-03-01
Reviewed 2019-07-05

demons run amok

The onset of eternal darkness sounds quite ominous, it is the British band Climate of Fear that has come up with that ominous title. It is their first album and it follows their EP Holy Terror from 2018, I think it has a rather decent cover art and it has lyrics that are quite anti-everything. They are anti-capitalists, anti-exploitation, anti-fascism, and anti-colonialism, probably anti-something else as well. It seems as though you are either pro- or anti-something, there is no in-betweens. I guess that’s in the spirit of the death metal style.

It is melodic death metal, quite heavy with lots of hardcorish elements and quite aggressive vocals that range from rather good to quite silly. Good variation over the tracks, good production, the sounds manages to be very heavy yet melodic. And while the sounds are mostly familiar it is still a slight breath of freshness to what the band does. It is a solid production that gives us nine tracks and about 34 minutes of music heralding an onset of eternal darkness.

The album is a rather good one, sure there will not be any superlatives written about it but the songs are good and the album has a good flow to it. The melodies and the heaviness collide in an appealing way and the album will most likely work for those enjoying the death metal genre, especially the melodic kind of death metal. It is an album that doesn’t show much weakness, a really solid debut offering from this British band.

Death metal fans could check this one out but I don’t I am not quite sure that this is a band whose name you should commit to memory just yet. They do have many qualities and if they were to really hit the mark and spice up what they have a bit more they would be capable of something very exciting but this album isn’t it – it will not disappoint but it probably will not make you sing praises either. It is a solid debut album, a good one but there are better choices in the melodic death metal genre.






Label: Demons Run Amok
Three similar bands: At The Gates/Carcass/Arch Enemy

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm

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