Cil City
Jump off the Cliff

1. Jump off the Cliff
2. She's Rock'n'Roll
3. Shout it out
4. This Road won't take me Home
5. Freedom
6. Fears in my Head
7. Changes
8. #8

Deniz Malatyali - Vocals
Hal West - Guitar
Erny Hofbauer - Guitar
Cornelia Gass - Bass
Bernhard Sattra - Drums

Red Ocean (2015)



Released 2019-02-22
Reviewed 2019-03-11


preiser records

The thought of jumping off the cliff sometimes occur to me when looking out from a cliff high above the ground below, but I probably would prefer jumping if I had a parachute, otherwise that honour would be better served by someone that is not me. The band perhaps, they seem to think that it is a wise thing to call a second album – perhaps a final album. Imagine how famous they would be if they did jump off a cliff and ended up splattered against the ground below, at least if it was marketed the right way. But lets not dwell too much on cliff jumping; they call the eighth song #8, very imaginative title.

Musically the Austrian band isn’t really breaking new ground; it is classic hardrock with a female vocalist, a good vocalist. We have reviewed many similar bands at Hallowed and these guys can’t be said to rank among the best even though they have some strong vocals and ass kicking rock energy. It is pretty simple songs and in big parts they are with lots of energy and enthusiasm, with decent variation and short playing time it is an album that presses the right buttons and works really well. The ending is a bit tired though and they could have done a bit better there I think. The real highlight of the album is the vocal performance, she has a strong voice in all aspects and use it really well to lift the quality of the album. Other than that they are mostly like most else in the heavier rock genre, not much in terms of ideas and creativity here.

I think that this is a good album but I have reviewed better female rockers than this, The Dirty Denims and Sister Sin are two that come to mind immediately. The first three tracks are strong but I tend to think that the third track reminds me extremely much of another song but I cannot figure out which one, something that I most likely will not long after this review is published. But overall I think the album works, they play the nostalgia card well and goes for the recognisable over original, it may be a little bit boring but it is hard to dislike music as good as this. I think these guys will go down well with most fans of the classic hardrock and female fronted hardrock.

This cliffjumping album works well and I like it, I recommend that anyone who enjoys the similar bands, female fronted rock/hardrock or stuff like that have a look at this album, as you will most likely enjoy it. And I can assure you that no one who buys this album will be disappointed enough to jump off a cliff somewhere, so it would be quite safe to have a listen or to buy what Cil City has to offer.





Label: GIFD Records/Preiser Records
Three similar bands: The Dirty Denims/Sister Sin/Heavy Tiger

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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