Chelsea Grin
Eternal Nightmare

1. Dead Rose
2. The Wolf
3. Across the Earth
4. See You Soon
5. 9:30am
6. Limbs
7. Scent of Evil
8. Hostage
9. Nobody Listened
10. Outliers
11. Eternal Nightmare

Tom Barber – lead vocals
Stephen Rutishauser – guitars
David Flinn – bass
Pablo Viveros – drums, vocals

Desolation of Eden (2010)
My Damnation (2011)
Ashes to Ashes (2014)
Self Inflicted (2016)


Drew Fulk – production, composing, mixing, mastering
Jeff Dunne – engineering, editing, mixing, mastering
Joshua Travis – additional production and engineering
Afif Andriansyah – cover art

Released 2018-07-13
Reviewed 2019-01-19


rise records

I guess I have had this one lying around for a while as it is an old one but as I have given time to listen to it I guess I can give it some minutes to write about it as well. It is a band that claims to have been through hell and back and put together their heaviest album yet. It is also a band that released their first album in 2010 and since then they have released a few more, this one I review is their fifth. They have also managed to have the whole line up exchanged so there is no original member left in the band nowadays and for this album they have a new singer and perhaps they have been revitalised to this new album.

They are a deathcore band, kind of generic deathcore, metalcore, death metal or whatever such description you want to use. Quite heavy, screamy vocals, fairly aggressive and generic, you can’t really claim that they are reinventing or reinvigorating the deat-/metalcore kind of music. I think the vocalist is rather good with lots of aggression and authority in his vocal presentation, he may however not have too much exciting stuff to work with. The songs are of the typical style and variety and I can’t really shake the word generic whenever I try to analyse what I hear when listening to this album – it feels like something I have heard too many times before. It is good that they keep it short with a playing time that is less than 40 minutes.

I am not too impressed with this album. The songs are too generic and this album doesn’t really feel interesting. The vocalist is good but the rest feels a tad boring, or a lot boring. Maybe their fans will find this appealing, and may be the deathcore fans will as well but anyone looking for good and more innovative music it will probably feel a lot les appealing. There is nothing here that catches me or my attention, just one more album from a band that can be called an also-ran or kind of a filler who just make out the numbers of the genre. The same can said about the album; it feels a bit like an album made out of filler, rather than killer tracks.

To save you from an eternal nightmare I recommend that you look for your next album somewhere else and not at this one. I have seen how the reviews go from really awful to really good, I think it probably is somewhere in between – not very good but not terrible either. It is just a generic and pretty boring album.






Label: Rise Records
Three similar bands: The Acacia Strain/Whitechapel/Suicide Silence

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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