Can't Swim
Foreign Language

1. Foreign Language (feat. Adam Lazzarra)
2. Filthy Rich (feat. Spencer Pollard)
4. Power (feat. Frank Carter)
5. Sour (feat. Drew Dijorio)
6. Prick

Chris LoPorto - lead vocals
Mike Sanchez - guitar
Danny Rico - guitar
Greg McDevitt - bass
Michael Sichel - drums

Fail You Again (2017)
This too Won't Pass (2018)



Released 2019-09-13
Reviewed 2019-12-14

pure noise

The Americans that Can’t Swim are back with a new release, this time it is the EP called Foreign Language. We have reviewed the band’s two albums here at Hallowed and both those received positive reviews. This EP is more aggressive and also very short with six short tracks so you could really say that it is short and to the point, but you could also question why make such a short EP and not write a few more songs and instead make an album, they did release an album last year so waiting a bit longer would not be a problem.

This is more hardcore than the post-punk or EMO that we heard on the previous releases; it is much more aggressive than what they had on the albums I reviewed before. The six tracks are short and to the point, not much variation but you don’t really need that much when the playing time is this short. The sound is pretty good, the energy is really high and the screamy vocals really well in the songs, but perhaps it could feel a bit rough for some fans.

I like that they have chosen to evolve their style and not just walk in the same paths, but the EP-format has always felt kind of pointless to me. I guess it is understandable if it is to be something of a break in convention doing something different before making another album in a similar style. It will feel outstandingly pointless if the majority of this EP will be part of an album next year, so I hope that isn’t the plan. For now I treat it for what it is and it is a step in another direction from the previous albums and that makes it rather interesting. And that it is good is also positive.

Could be worth checking out, the songs are good, and the aggressive mood is rather likeable. Maybe it is a slightly foreign language in terms of music for Can’t Swim but you always have to applaud bands that try to evolve and don’t just keep repeating the same stuff over and over, like this band and this EP. Foreign Language is a bit short but it is a rather strong release by a good band.





Label: Pure Noise Records
Three similar bands: Boston Manor/Safe To Say/Better Off

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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